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Thursday March 08 07:35 PM EST

Stallone's Sex Assault Suit

SYLVESTER STALLONE: overly frisky workout partner or unwitting victim of a litigious tabloid hound? Depends on which lawyer you ask. An exotic dancer has sued the "Rocky" star, claiming he sexually assaulted her at a gym last year.

In a suit filed last week in Santa Monica Superior Court, Margie Carr claims the 54-year-old actor attacked her last February at the Santa Monica Bodybuilding Center, "forcibly pinned" her against a wall and tore her clothes off.

But SSTALLONE's lawyer, MARTY SINGER, vehemently denied the allegations, saying her suit is "purely fictional and totally without merit," and that Carr is suing so she can sell more stories to the tabloids.

"My client completely denies the claim," SINGER said. "The problem is that in America, anybody can sue anyone on claims, whether false or not."

In an interview last month with the Globe supermarket tab, Carr claimed she had a 10-year affair with STALLONE, and that she loved STALLONE and wanted him to leave his wife of four years, model JENNIFER FLAVIN. She also gave an account of an alleged rough-sex encounter at the gym.

Carr's lawsuit, filed February 28 [exactly one year after the alleged incident], claims STALLONE forced her onto a couch and "attempted to forcibly have sexual intercourse" with her. Carr says she suffered emotional distress and pain and suffering and seeks unspecified damages.

SINGER, however, portrays Carr as delusional and lawsuit-happy, saying the woman has already appeared on the Howard Stern Show to talk about her Globe story, and that she's already filed other sexual harassment lawsuits against three different restaurants during the past three years. [Emphasis mine - Craig]

"Our belief is she filed this lawsuit to sell another story to the tabloid," SINGER said. "We were told yesterday that she and her lawyer were attempting to sell a story to the European tabloids."

Carr's lawyer, Christopher Morosoff, has not immediately returned a call for comment.

I have no doubt that this case will not last long. Consider this: no criminal charges were ever filed and this "assault" allegedly took place after a ten year affair over a year ago?? Also consider that she will talk to HOWARD STERN but NOT the Associated Press. Perhaps the best evidence that this is nonsense is that not even the National Enquirer or Star purchased the story and it instead had to be sold to the Globe! Three lawsuits against three restaurants in three years? Wow! Bad luck does comes in threes!

It is really unfortunate that celebrities have to go through this nonsense. - Craig Zablo