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Bill Pruitt is a talented artist who also happens to be a huge Sylvester Stallone fan. What's really cool is that Sly is also a fan of Bill's art and owns several of his paintings. We've profiled Bill before here at the SZ, but felt that it was time to check in with him again now that he's providing art for Sly magazine.

Craig: Could you briefly give us your background?

Bill: I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and have been always been artistic since I can remember. I studied art all through school and in college and recieved my BFA in illustration from the University of Missouri. After about 5 years of living in Kansas City, I decided to move to Los Angeles in 1991 to pursue my art and have been here ever since.

Craig: How did you get the gig with Sly magazine?

Bill: I got the gig with Sly Magazine Issue 2 because there is a history with my artwork and Sly. He is very
familiar with my work. Sly first purchased a painting of mine back in 1987 when I was still in Missouri and has collected several others since then through the years. I was first contacted by Neal Boulton, Editor-in-Chief of Sly Magazine back in December '04 about doing work for the premier issue but unfortuneately, for what they wanted and the detail style work I do, there simply wasn't enough time. I let them know I would be available for anything in the future.

Anyway, I paint outside this restaurant Cafe tu tu Tango in Universal City right next to Universal Studios. I
paint there on occasion just to get out of the studio and be outside around people. It's a nice atmosphere.

Well, one Friday night in February of this year, I was there and Sly went walking by with a group of people (one being Sugar Ray Leonard - they were going to the Hard Rock Cafe nearby for this basketball event) and I got his attention and said, "Hi." Sly was very gracious since we'd met before and he knew me and my work. Sly told me he wanted me to do work for his magazine.

Sure enough, he kept his word and less than a month later, the art director of Sly Magazine called me and asked if I was interested in the job. Of course, I didn't hesitate in saying yes I am interested and I'm available. Even if I didn't see Sly that night, I am sure I would've have gotten the job anyway since they contacted me before.

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- Craig