Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Craig’s Review of “Creed”

Creed  [2015]
Director:  Ryan Coogler
Screenplay: Ryan Coogler and Aaron Covington
Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone and Tessa Thompson.

The Pitch: ”Hey Sly, my name is Ryan Coogler and I have an idea to continue the Rocky legacy…”

The Tagline:  “Your legacy is more than a name.”

The Overview:  Beware of Spoilers…

Sylvester Stallone was content that after six feature-length films Rocky’s story had been told.  Ryan Coogler had a different outlook and movie fans are better for it.

Creed  isn’t a sequel as much as an expansion of the Rocky Balboa universe.  In the past films, Rocky was the center of attention and Rocky’s struggle was the reason for the movie.  Now the focus shifts to Adonis Creed, Apollo’s illegitimate son.

In less adept hands Creed could have been a straight-to-video attempt to squeeze out the last few dollars from a series that many (including Stallone) thought was over.  Instead we’re treated to one of the most satisfying, emotional and uplifting movies that I can remember ever seeing.

Michael B. Jordan is an amazing actor.  He is required to go through a gauntlet of emotions throughout the film but they are never overstated or hammy.  He and Stallone share a couple of scenes where the actor talking isn’t the most important part of the scene.  The range of emotions that they go through is subtle and all the more powerful because they pull us into the scenes.

Sly has never been better.  Never.  An Oscar nomination should be in the bag.  Don’t believe me? Rewatch the scene with the doctor when she tells Rocky his diagnosis.  Or when Rocky returns to the gym.  Or when Rocky talks to Adonis about Adrian, what she went through and what he would go through for one more day with her.  Heck, think about the scene with Rocky and Adonis in the holding cell.

Ryan Coogler deserves special mention for making Creed happen.  Not only can Coogler write, but his direction is spot-on.  Coogler creates a world where all of the characters are believable.

There are so many cool touches Coogler puts in the film – Adonis watching the second fight between Rocky and Apollo with Adonis mimicking Rocky’s punches – Rocky talking about how everything he cared for has moved on [Adrian and Paulie have died, his son lives in Vancouver, even his turtle tank now only contains one turtle] – the fact that Rocky is still recognized as a celebrity “When were you going to tell me your uncle was Rocky Balboa” is just one example] but that time has moved on as well..

Coogler made what could have been a simple boxing movie into a drama about so much more than boxing… yeah, I guess you could call Creed a modern day Rocky.  And you know for me, there is no higher compliment.


Rambo News for the Week…

Rambo News for the Week…

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

“Creed” News for the Week…

Creed News for the Week…

The Top 10 Action Stars of All-Time

Alex Maidy and present the Top Ten Action Movie Stars of All Time.

Using just their list, here are my top five [and where they placed at JoBlo]…

  1. Sly Stallone [1st at JoBlo]
  2. Bruce Lee [4th at JoBlo]
  3. Arnold Schwarzenegger [3rd at JoBlo]
  4. Jackie Chan [9th at JoBlo]
  5. Clint Eastwood [2nd at JoBlo]

Overall, their list wasn’t bad.  They definitely got #1 right, but are there others who should have made the Top 10 but didn’t?

Off the top of my head I’m thinking of Charles Bronson, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson [perhaps it is too early in Diesel and Johnson’s career], Harold Lloyd, Jean Claude Van Damme… others?


Robert Rodriguez Talks Up Sly Stallone in “The Director’s Chair”

Robert Rodriguez is a true Sylvester Stallone fan.  Recently Sly sat down with Rodriguez for an episode of The Director’s Chair and…

Rodriguez was so impressed with Stallone’s insight and honestly that he wanted to make the episode available for free to everyone. You can watch it on the show’s Facebook Page

Capone from Ain’t It Cool News had a chance to interview Rodriguez about Sly’s appearance on The Director’s Chair and their interview should be required reading for anyone who checks in here.

16 Hard-Hitting Facts About the Rocky Movies

Roger Cormier and Mental_Floss present 16 Hard-Hitting Facts About the Rocky Movies Here are three of my favorites

Stallone and the producers decided that she was “too sexy.” Cher was also considered. Bette Midler was offered the role but turned it down. Carrie Snodgress had in fact won the part, until her agent asked for too much money. Talia Shire auditioned at the last minute to save the day.

Chaplin wrote to Stallone that Rocky reminded the silent film star of a character he used to play. Stallone regretted turning down Chaplin’s invitation to visit him in Switzerland after the director died a few months later. Similarly, Stallone turned down Elvis’ offer to watch Rocky with him in Memphis months before The King passed away.

The female red-eared sliders that appeared in 2006’s Rocky Balboa are the same turtles from the original 1976 picture.

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