Frank Stallone Featured in Best Ever You

Frank Stallone is featured on the cover and a nice interview in the current issue of Best You Ever which you can read online.  Here are a few tidbits…

I was playing music long before Sly was ever an actor. He was my roadie at one time. When Rocky started shooting, he needed a band that would work cheap to be in one of the scenes. My band, Valentine, was playing at some local clubs and we were the only singers Sly knew.  We were making about $140 total, but the movie was going to pay us $140 each!

A lot of people have just given up on me over the years.  But I’ve had to keep believing in my own talent.

I take care of myself, I stay in shape and I’d rather have people be impressed at how old I am as opposed to them thinking I look old for my age.

I am who I am. I’m kind of a loner, I like to play my guitar, bury myself in a good book, hang out at joints with my boys and I say what I want. I don’t like to hide behind “Hollywood.” I like to interact with people on Facebook and Twitter and I forget sometimes that I’m somewhat of a public figure.

Results In: Sage Died from Heart Disease

On August 30, 2012, the news broke that Sage Stallone died from a heart attack and that he suffered from heart disease.  While this is a tragedy, the fact that many people/sites jumped to the conclusion that illegal drugs were involved only made the situation worse.

I am glad that many sites did follow up with the results that Sage was not involved in drugs and that they didn’t contribute to his death.

Here’s Frank Stallone’s message about the situation.

RIP Sage Stallone. – Craig

Sage and Frank

File photo shows Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage (L) and younger brother Frank (R) at a movie premiere in California in 2006. The 36-year-old Sage was found dead at his Hollywood home by a housemaid, according to local media. (AFP Photo/Frazer Harrison)

From Yahoo! News, July 14, 2012

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