Sly Drawing 4th Blood?

Robert Sanchez from The Movie posted this on January 6th:

Sly Stallone and his brother Frank showed up at last nights VW shindig and we had to ask what was going on with these two [Rocky and RamboCraig] long rumored projects. To my surprise Stallone mentioned that he had meetings that same day regarding Rambo and that both projects are in the works.

For the full report click HERE.

Thanks to Jamie Eade for the tip! – Craig

Sly Sends His Best!

How cool is that?!? I came home this week to find this personalized, autographed picture from SlySimon, who runs both Sly and Frank‘s Official Sites and I exchange e-mails from time to time. Simon thanked me for something that I had done for him and asked if there was ever anything that he could do for me… I told him [half jokingly] that a personalized autographed picture from Sly would be cool…


SZoners, please don’t bombard Simon for autographs. He called in a marker for this one!

Craig Zablo

Frank Stallone: My Big Fat Greek Life

This Sunday, March 9th, 8 PM ET/PT, FRANK STALLONE will guest star on the new hit series “My Big Fat Greek Life.”

FRANK plays Spiro the intended husband for RITA WILSON [Ariana]. You won’t want to miss this hilarious episode!

Check your local listings for more info.

Thanks to Simon, webmaster of both FRANK and SLY’s Official Sites! – Craig Zablo

The Official Frank Stallone Website

Like most Sylvester Stallone fans, I’m also a fan of Sly’s extremely talented brother, Frank.

Simon Barber, the webmaster of The Official Frank Stallone Website has just launched a new version which features video, audio, and lots of rare/private photos – many of which feature Sly. The redesign is extremely well done and user friendly. The bonus materials are an added treat!

Please take a few minutes to check it out… and tell ’em that we sent ya!

– Craig Zablo
(January 27, 2002)

Frank Stallone Checks In

FRANK STALLONE e-mailed the SZ to thank us for the kind words that he’s been receiving from SZ fans about his newly designed site. He also wanted us to know that he’s updated it again with a ton of never before seen photos! Included are some really cool family pics, as well as photos of FRANK and some of the many celebrities that he’s worked with over the years. Click |HERE| to check it out.

FRANK also wanted us to know that he will be starring in Walker, Texas Ranger on February 10th at 9 pm PST on CBS. Appearing with FRANK will be his “big band.” In addition to his dramatic role, FRANK will also sing three songs!

FRANK also answered a question that many STALLONE fans have been wondering about for some time… Will the film “The Good Life” [FRANK starred in the movie and SLY appeared in a cameo] be released now that the lawsuits have been settled? FRANK‘s response, “I would honestly say no. We have distanced ourselves from it. for it was bad scene. Now my brother and I are closer than we ever were, so after it all that was only positive thing that came of it.”

We really appreciate FRANK taking the time from his busy schedule to send us an update. Be sure to check out his site at as well as his appearance on “Walker, Texas Ranger.” The SZ will continue to provide updates from FRANK as we get them!

Craig Zablo [February 4, 2001]

Stallone News for the Week

The picture above (minus the SZ tag, of course) appeared earlier in the week at DARK HORIZONS in an item about Warner Brothers’ 2001 movie line-up.

Entertainment Tonight’s website ran an item on Thursday saying that Sly and Jennifer co-hosted the opening of Downtown Disneyland in an event which benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Sly also announced that his next movie will be a comedy. The picture above accompanied the item.

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from Simon Barber who is the new web master of Frank Stallone’s Official Website.

If you haven’t checked out Frank’s site in a while, you really should. Frank and Simon have updated and re-designed all areas (and have added more content as well)! You can find them at (they’ve moved from the old location) or by clicking |HERE|. Be sure and tell them the SZ sent ya!

[January 14, 2001] – Craig Zablo

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