Trisha Yearwood and the Rocky Connection

Trisha Yearwood has a new album called Prizefighter: Hit After Hit  and the cover features Yearwood in a long dress wearing screen worn boxing gloves used (and given to her) by Sly Stallone after the filming of Rocky V.


This Week’s News About “Expendables 3″…

This week’s news about Expendables 3


15 Things You May Not Know About “Lock Up”

IFC recently posted 15 Things You May Not Know About Lock Up.  Although the majority of readers here will know most, there may be a few surprises.  Here are two that I didn’t know or had forgotten…


11. Frank McRae Had NFL History

McRae was a solid choice for the football scene – he’d actually spent a short stint as an NFL defensive tackle, playing six games for the Chicago Bears during the 1967 season.

12. Danny Trejo Is in the Movie

Danny Trejo makes an appearance as one of the gang members led by the character Chink Weber (played by actor Sonny Landham).