Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Not to be Messed With

SZoner, Bill Pruitt checked in with… Hi Craig, Here’s my latest creation combining graphics in photoshop and a teaser of my latest oil painting which will be revealed soon. I wanted to convey in this ad that Rambo means business and that he will NOT be messed with.
Another great piece, Bill. As always, thanks for sharing. – Craig

Let the Fun Begin!

John Hutchins at attended an advance showing of “Rambo” and Sly was in attendance. Sly spoke before the screening about why he choose to revisit Rambo now, the push for realism, and concluded with… “Maybe it’s the last time I visit John Rambo, but I’m very glad you showed up tonight because we’re proud of the film, and I’m proud of everyone who was involved with it and…well…let the fun begin!” For the full report, click HERE. – Craig

Burt Young Reflects

Stephen Williams wrote a great little piece on Burt Young for Here’s what is said about Sly and appearing in the Rocky movies:

“Rocky” soon followed. Young had worked with the original’s producers, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, which led to Stallone selecting the plucky Young to play the character – Paulie was Rocky’s cinematic brother-in-law – that would span all six “Rockys.”

“I’m not Paulie,” said Young, “but there’s a part of Paulie in all of us … cowardice, bravado, false bravado. And I knew how to beat the drum to make the guy interesting and ugly and pathetic.”

Young initially balked at the invitation to do the first sequel – “I didn’t want to be part of an ensemble,” he said – but eventually agreed. “It wasn’t the money,” he says. “It don’t mean that much to me, I find a way to get by, and I find a way to blow it.”

Will he see the new “Rambo” with Stallone when it opens Jan. 25?

“You know,” he said, and this is why you have to love Burt Young, “I’ve never seen a ‘Rambo.’

Burt Young on Paulie, Rocky, and Sly:

“I first met Stallone, I was in the studio commissary, he comes to my table, he says, ‘Mr. Young, I’m Sylvester Stallone, I wrote “Rocky.” You gotta do a part, you gotta do a part.’

“I says, ‘Shush, whaddaya doin’? Let me twist their arms [the producers] a little bit, lemme make a buck.’ And he lit up. Turns out I was the highest-paid actor in the first one.

Stallone wrote exquisitely; he wrote street prose. I think he saw me when he wrote it. Like Arthur Miller, he’d cut the commas off. You’d say, hey, he saying somethin’ without the commas.

“Seventeen years after ‘Rocky V,’ we came back [for ‘Rocky Balboa’], and it was pretty sentimental for me. Stallone was […] Michelangelo painting the chapel. He wouldn’t let anything alone. He was a force. It was touching.”

For the full article click HERE. – Craig

…And Lookin’ the Way You Do.

Bill Pruitt sent in the photo of his latest Stallone painting above and this message:

Hi Craig,

Here is a new painting I just completed. It’s my first one from “First Blood”. I am very pleased with how it turned out. This is a pivotal scene in the movie. It’s exactly the moment that sets up the whole movie. He is making the decision right there to get in the car with Teasle. After that, of course, is pure classic Sly action. The title of this piece is “Wearing that flag on your jacket and lookin’ the way you do……”
Bill – not only is it another great painting, but you did hit the EXACT moment when you can see Rambo deciding he’s not going to be pushed again. Perfect! Thanks as always for sharing your talents with us! – Craig

Adam Shippee’s Rambo

SZoner, Adam Shippee sent in the art above and this message:

Here’s a piece of Rambo art, but it is not colorized yet. I am trying to change the way I approach a drawing, and the way it looks. well, I hope you like it

I do, Adam and my guess is SZoners will as well! Thanks for sharing. – Craig

Rocky Gets Grand Visual Treatment

Earlier this week I received the following e-mail:

Hi Craig,

Wonderful site!

Thought you might like this, we did it to promote the release of Rocky Balboa and it was really popular with Rocky fans everywhere – including us!

Best Regards,

Sabeena Love
Grand Visual

Thanks Sabeena for the kind words and the link. You guys did a great job in picking a perfect scene! – Craig

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