Gerardo Moreno’s Rocky and Rambo DVD Packages!

Gerardo Moreno checked in to the SZ with pics of his design work for a Rocky and Rambo dvd packages sold

If you’d like to see more of Gerardo’s work; he specializes in illustrations [traditional and digital], graphic design,  as well as sculpture and photography; then check out his website and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Bill Pruitt’s New “Old” Stallone Art!

SZoner, Bill Pruitt checked in to say:

Hi Craig,
I wanted to send these paintings I did exactly 20 years ago right around when Rocky IV was out. The boxing ring was done in early ’86 and the other was done in late ’86. I had only been painting in oils for about a year at this time but not seriously yet since I was still in school. I’ve obviously come a long way since then.Bill

Bill, you were an amazing artist then, and continue to astound us with your talent. Thanks for sharing!

If you’d like to see more of Bill‘s work you can. Simply click HERE and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Gerardo Moreno’s New Stallone Art!

Gerardo Moreno checks in to the SZ from time to time with some of the nicest Stallone art that you’ll find anywhere.

Gerardo sent me an e-mail saying that the two pieces of art shown below were sent to the SZ, to share with Stallone fans worldwide. That’s got to be the best Rocky VI teaser yet!

If you’d like to see more of Gerardo‘s work; he specializes in illustrations [traditional and digital], graphic design, as well as sculpture and photography; then check out his website and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Samuel Hiti and his Rambo Quotes of the Week!

Samuel Hiti is a 30-year-old artist, who made his graphic novel debut in New York with his Xeric Award-winning End Times/Tiempos Finales.”

One of the biggest buzz books of 2004, Mike Mignola, creator of the cult favorite “Hellboy,” said it was the best graphic novel of the year; and Samuel was nominated for “Best New Talent” for the 2005 Harvey Awards. Samuel has worked for major companies such as Nike, The New York Times, Disney, and adapted The 2004 Paramount/Dreamworks movie of “Lemony Snicke t- SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS” into comic book form for Nickelodeon magazine.

I discovered Samuel’s site while surfing the web. While enjoying Samuel‘s art, I also learned that he’s a Rambo fan. Samuel recently drew a scene from Rambo and had so much fun with it, that he now does a Rambo Quote of the Week. Samuel graciously agreed to me posting a couple of examples here on the SZ. If you want to see more of Sam‘s work [and more Rambo] then click HERE. Drop Sam a line and tell him I sent ya! – Craig

Michael Joseph and his Rocky Balboa Paintings!

One of the great things about running the StalloneZone is that I get to hear from Stallone fans from around the world.

Recently I received an e-mail from Michael Joseph, an artist who loves to do “sports art.”

Here’s what he had to say, followed by a look at his two of his Stallone paintings.

“This is Michael Joseph. I’m a sports artist & good friend of “Master Rocky Painter” Bill Pruitt. While Bill & I have painted many a time together, he is the best Rocky painter there is.

I just wanted to show a different side & show you what it might look like……….“At The Weigh In/ Ali v.s. Rocky”

.Michael Joseph

Michael, thanks for sharing your talents with us. Fans can see more of Michael’s work at his website! – Craig

Bill Pruitt and his Rocky Balboa Painting!

SZoner, Bill Pruitt, checked in last week with a new Rambo painting.

This week he drops in with some paintings that appeared in Sly magazine.

Take it away, Bill!

Hi Craig,
Here are the pics working on issues 2 and 3 and with the original paintings from issues 2 and 3 separately along with a pic of the boxing commission piece where I put myself in there twice (on both ends).

Sly laughed  when I pointed that out to him. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

Thanks to Bill for once again sharing his talents with us! – Craig

New Bill Pruitt Rambo Painting!

New Bill Pruitt Rambo Painting!

Bill Pruitt recently sent in the scan to the left of a Rambo painting that he’d done a while back. When I asked him what else he’d been up to he replied:

“I have been keeping busy painting. I have several pieces that I am working on with a couple other Sly / Rocky pieces and several regular portrait commissions. Also, I will have two pieces of Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming coffee table book called Marilyn in Art tentatively due out in March.”

Bill’s an amazing artist. You can check out his work at his site. You’ll be glad that you did!

– Craig

SZoner Attend “Rocky Balboa” Filming

SZoner, Bridget Gennett was lucky enough to not only attend the Vegas filming of  “Rocky Balboa,” where she met Sly, Frank, and Burt Young, but she was also kind enough to send us a report with pictures.

You’d think that would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Not for Bridget who
sent me the following:

Hi Craig,

I made it home to Philly and got these shots of Sly on the set in the Italian Market.
Thought you might like to see them? Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

Have a great day,


SZoner, Bridget Gennett Attends Vegas Filming

Hi Craig,

Your webpage is great! Sly is my biggest inspiration and it’s awesome to keep up with all his projects through your site. I was lucky enough to get this picture with Sly when he approached me on the set in Vegas to ask me why I had been smiling for two days. I got the chance to tell him he was my inspiration; not because he is famous but because he follows his heart and makes his dreams happen. How happy can a Philly girl get?? Sly is great and “Rocky” is our hometown hero! I live in Florida now but I’m flying home to Philly tomorrow to try to watch filming in South Philly this week. I’m just flying to Philly and going to Victor’s Cafe and Claudio’s Cheese Shop to see if I am lucky enough to catch the filming anywhere. Thanks again for your great website!



Thanks for sharing! – Craig

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