Stallone Selfie Goes Viral

The photo above went viral this week.  Peter Rowe, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright are college buddies who ran up the famous “Rocky” steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  When they reached the top they were stunned to find Sylvester Stallone there.  Sly joked with them and agreed to pose for a selfie and the rest is history…

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How a Boy Named Mike Kunda…


Long-time SZoner, Mike Kunda is the subject of a great profile titled I am Rocky Balboa: How a Boy Named Mike Kunda Grew up to be the Ultimate Italian Stallion written by Dena Levitz [with photos by Shira Yudkoff] at Narrative.

Mike is a life-long Stallone fan, one of the oldest [as in time here] and biggest supporters of the StalloneZone.  Mike is also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  Congrats to Mike for the recognition! Keep Punchin’! – Craig


Sly and Fans!

I recently received the following e-mail along with these two candid photos of Sly (and other candids of  Álvaro with Steve Austin, Terry Crews and other Expendables cast members). – Craig

Hello! Craig my name is Álvaro Arruda, I am a friend of Betty I had the opportunity for knowing great part of the cast of the movie The Mercenaries in the Rio of January, it would like spreading very much my photos in the StalloneZone for kindness. I am a great fan of the Sly I travelled four days of bus in order that know this great star that for me and one of the biggest actors of the present, which was very nice and I managed to carry out my dream to take away photos and to know the wings.
I am of Rafts me her, student of Agronomic Engineering I am 28 years old, Want to congratulate every team of the StalloneZone my weekly newspaper. Thank you!

Rocky Helps Keep the Faith

Hey Craig,

I thought I would show you some work I had done over the weekend.  2nd Timothy 4:7 has always been on of my favorite verses so I had an amazing tattoo artist named Noah Minuskin combine two of my favorite things.
Hope you are well.
Ron Robledo


Hey Ron, THAT is some cool ink!  – Craig


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