Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

Sylvester Stallone: 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked.

On February 1, 2013, WhatCulture! posted Sylvester Stallone: 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked.

  • According to WhatCulture! 5 that were Awesome: Rambo [First Blood and sequels], John Spartan [Demolition Man], Gabe Walker [Cliffhanger], Freddy Heflin [Cop Land], and Rocky Balboa [Rocky and sequels].
  • Their Choices for Not-So-Awesome: Judge Dredd [same name], Ray Quick [The Specialist], Marion Cobretti [Cobra], Jack Carter [Get Carter], and Joe Bomoski [Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!].

To Awesome I would delete Spartan and Walker to make room for Jack Carter and Deke Dasilva [Nighthawks].  To Not-So-Awesome I would delete Carter and add Nick from Rhinestone. – Craig

5 Essential Sylvester Stallone Films

On January 30, 2013, posted 5 Essential Sylvester Stallone FilmsTheir choices [with embeded trailers]:

  1. Rocky
  2. First Blood
  3. Cop Land
  4. Rocky Balboa
  5. The Expendables
While it would be hard to argue with their list, I think I would pair Rocky/Rocky Balboa and First Blood / Rambo.  This would open up two slots and I’d add: Get Carter and Nighthawks. – Craig

Sanchez’s Rocky, Rambo & Jack Carter

When Steven Sanchez announced that he was doing the Sketchshots, the timing was perfect. I jumped on board and asked for three of my favorite Stallone characters [Rocky, Rambo and Jack Carter].

Steven not only agreed, we exchanged a couple of e-mails and he finished the piece within 24 hours. [Probably much less]. How often does that happen… and with fantastic results.

I hope to get more from him in the future and highly recommend him to others looking for a commission.  You can see more of Steven’s art here. – Craig

Rambo Triumphant!

Today I received my limited edition, Rambo statue from the good folks at Hollywood Collectibles.  The statue was placed inside a molded styrofoam shell which was then put in a well designed packaging box which was then placed in a larger shipping box filled with packing nuts.  If you think I’m making too big a deal about how pleased I was with the secure packaging, then you don’t know my delivery guy.

The statue, about 12 inches tall, is itself is a thing of beauty.  Sculpter,  Edinho Maga shows Rambo standing triumphant.  Each statue was hand painted by Dan Cope who did a wonderful job of making the statue even more lifelike.  Hollywood Collectibles always turns out quality items and this Rambo statue  is no exception.  Although this piece is sold out, there are other Rambo collectiblesRocky items,  and many other movie collectibles as well.

Before I bring this post to a close I want to especially thank Mark from Hollywood CollectiblesMark contacted me once I had posted photos of Edinho’s work on the StalloneZoneMark was impressed.  I put the two into contact with each other and the rest, as they say, is history.  Throughout the whole process Mark kept me informed on the statue’s progress.  It was also Mark who made it possible for SZoners to get a discount if they ordered a statue.  Mark and Hollywood Collectibles have been great to deal with.  I hope that future Stallone projects are given the same treatment.  I could say more, but it’s time to go clear off a place on the mantle for my Rambo statue.

Rambo’s Back & HCG Has Him!

In March of this year I posted about a Brasilian sculptor and a Stallone fan named Edinho. Edinho had sent in photos of a Rambo sculpture that he did that was simply amazing. You can see for yourself by clicking HERE.

Shortly after the post appeared I was contacted by Mark at Hollywood Collectibles Group. Mark felt the sculpture was good enough for them to produce. I put Mark in contact with Edinho and the rest as they say, is history.

I’m happy to report that the Hollywood Collectibles Group will be producing a limited edition run of 500 pieces of Edinho’s sculpture. I’m also happy to report that Mark is working on a deal for SZoners to get a discount on purchases through the SZ! More news on the statue will be posted as it becomes available!

Congrats to both Mark and Edinho for making it happen! – Craig

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