Stallone: Philly Style

The Winter 2001 issue of Philadelphia Style magazine features a really nicely done piece entitled “SLY and the Family STALLONE” by A.D. Amorosi [with really awesome photos by John Russo]. The mag is not found nationwide but I was able to pick one up on e-Bay for $15.00 postage-paid [it originally sold for just $2.95, but due to it’s limited nature and quality – I feel it was a steal!]
– Craig Zablo [February 24, 2001]

Stallone News for the Week

The picture above (minus the SZ tag, of course) appeared earlier in the week at DARK HORIZONS in an item about Warner Brothers’ 2001 movie line-up.

Entertainment Tonight’s website ran an item on Thursday saying that Sly and Jennifer co-hosted the opening of Downtown Disneyland in an event which benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Sly also announced that his next movie will be a comedy. The picture above accompanied the item.

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from Simon Barber who is the new web master of Frank Stallone’s Official Website.

If you haven’t checked out Frank’s site in a while, you really should. Frank and Simon have updated and re-designed all areas (and have added more content as well)! You can find them at (they’ve moved from the old location) or by clicking |HERE|. Be sure and tell them the SZ sent ya!

[January 14, 2001] – Craig Zablo

Sly Pumps Up Residence

Christie sent in the following item which appeared in the Orlando Sentinel under “Celebrity Homes” by: Ruth Ryon of the LA Times.


SYLVESTER STALLONE has completed a two-year expansion of the newly built Beverly Hills-area home he bought in December 1998, for about $10 million.

Just in time for the holidays, STALLONE, who starred in the fall remake of the movie “Get Carter,” put some finishing touches on the home that he shares with his wife, model JENNIFER FLAVIN, and their two children.

Much of the work, including landscaping and improvements, is apparent even from a bird’s-eye view. The Italianstyle villa, on two-plus acres, was given an older, Tuscan look. The estate, behind bronze gates, also has a long driveway and grounds dotted with marble statues of lions, crocodiles and other creatures.

A colorful outdoor play gym with swings and slides has been installed for the children, and the grounds have been completed with a pool, two cabanas, expansive lawns and many trees, amount them redwoods and pines.

When STALLONE bought the house, it had five family bedrooms and two maid’s quarters in about 16,000 square feet, adding a library, more bedrooms and garages. STALLONE, 54, is know to have a passion for building and architecture.

STALLONE teams with BURT REYNOLDS in the sports action movie “Champs,”to be released in April, and he stars in the police thriller “D-Tox,” also due in the spring.

The picture above did not appear with the article. The fact that “D-Tox” is mentioned could be good news… unless it is based on old info (since it was not referred to as “Eye See You”). – Craig



The June 20, 2000 issue of STAR contains the following item in Janet Charlton’s STARPEOPLE section: SYLVESTER STALLONE’S wife JENNIFER has put him on a curfew. He wears an alarm watch set for 1 a.m. when he’s out with the boys. When the alarm sounds, Sly heads for home…

The July issue of Movieline contains a piece called “100 Factoids of Love” by Leigh Niles. Factoid #49 contains the following along with a small picture of SLY and JENNIFER: Sylvester Stallone broke up with his girlfriend of five years, model Jennifer Flavin, by FedEx-ing her a letter in 1994, when he began dating Angie Everhart; a year and a half later, he went back to Flavin and she married him.

– Craig Zablo (June 14, 2000)

Stallone Home: First Look

The May 22, 2000 issue of People contains the following picture and article. Thanks to ERNEST “Jazzman” RESENDES for the “heads-up.”

On TV: Home Stallone

What does it take to get a celebrity couple to open their house to the public? In the case of SYLVESTER STALLONE and JENNIFER FLAVIN, whose Beverly Hills place was the scene of a guided tour televised for Home Shopping Networks viewers May 6, it was a cause close to home, as FLAVIN sold skin-care products and a percentage of the proceeds went to heart research. Their daughter SOPHIA ROSE, who turns 4 in August, was born with a ventricular septal defect, a congenital heart defect.

She’s fine thanks to surgery when she was 10 weeks old, but the STALLONES think more people, particularly new parents, need to be more aware of the ailment. “At first,” says FLAVIN, 31, “you think your baby’s a little fussy or maybe has colic. SOPHIA wouldn’t lie down; she would vomit constantly. She wasn’t gaining weight. But you never think that your child has a hole in it’s heart.”

After SOPHIA‘s condition was diagnosed, FLAVIN researched the problem and held fundraisers for the Heart of a Child Foundation, which supports heart-defect research.

SOPHIA, fully recovered is “the most energetic child I’ve ever seen, a whirling dervish,” says STALLONE. She is going to be fine, but says SLY, “a lot of people don’t know about congenital heart disease. We have to bang the drum loudly; and hopefully people will rally to the cause. We want to raise awareness.”

– Craig Zablo

[May 20, 2000]

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