Dustin Harbin Goes to Cop Land

This week we have Dustin Harbin’s look at Freddy from Cop Land.

Dustin is a freelance illustrator working out of Charlotte, NC. I’ve known Dustin for years through his outstanding work with Heroes Con. It was only recently that I discovered Dustin’s talent for cartooning.  So I hit him up for two Stallone sketches.  You can see the first, Dustin’s take on Jack Carter, here.

If you like what you see, then check out Dustin’s blog and let him know.

Otis Frampton: Cop Land

Otis Frampton’s art is no stranger to the StalloneZone.  I’ve told you about Otis’ 7-7-7 Sundays before.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get three previous sketches from OtisRambo, Jack Carter and Cosmo CarboniYou can see them here.

I finally got to meet Otis in person at Heroes Con last year.  When Otis attends conventions he has sketchbooks that he sells for a buck each.  Yep, one buck.  And to make the deal even more enticing, Otis includes a free headsketch.  For mine he did Freddy from Cop Land.  I would have gladly paid a buck a piece to have Otis draw Sly from every movie he’s done, but the idea is to get new fans to give Otis’ work a look.  So instead, whenever I ran into a friend who’d never heard of Otis I’d slap a buck down and buy ’em a copy of the sketchbook with a free headsketch.  Luckily none of them requested Sly, or I might have had to keep the copy for myself.  ; )

Sly Mini-Interview

On August 17, 2010, TNTMagazine posted a short interview with Sly.  Here are a couple of quotes:

  • I think I’m past my prime doing dramatic films. It becomes like almost a pathetic cry to be recognized as a serious dramatic actor.   I’ve done my little moment. I’m very proud of the drama in Rocky Balboa – it’s about as deep as I can go – and in Cop Land. I would much rather just direct dramas.
  • I believe the violence is very justifiable. One thing in my films, I kill people that need to be killed. The ones that deserve it, get it and they get it good but the ones that go after women really get it.

AMC: Top 5 Sly Stallone Movies

On April 30, 2010, the AMC Movie Blog posted their choices for The Five Best Movies of Sylvester Stallone.  Here are their choices and a little of the rationale for selection:

5.  Demolition Man: …Nothing about this movie should work — dated jokes about Taco Bell, a ridiculous time-travel setup — but it work it does, from start to finish. Credit Stallone’s amusing fish-out-of-water performance…

4. Cliffhanger: …Die Hard on a mountain, Cliffhanger is as cool as it sounds… Stallone reminds us why he’s one of the best action stars ever. He radiates intensity.

3. Copland: …Stallone turned his career around with this serious (and underappreciated) drama…

2. Rambo: No. We’re not talking about the original — that’s First Blood. We’re not even talking about Rambo: First Blood II, the sequel. While we love those both, this bare-bones, bloody action film ranks as one of the best flicks in years..

1. Rocky: Not just Stallone’s best but also one of Hollywood’s best…

If I were making the list Rocky Balboa would have been near the top forcing Demolition Man off the list.  And while it may not be one of Sly’s Top 5 best, Get Carter still is one of my favorites.  To see AMC’s whole post with all of their comments as well as some Stallone movies that nearly made it to the Top 5, then click here.

Chris Moreno’s “Cop Land”

Chris Moreno worked up this very nice color take on Sly from “Cop Land” for me at a convention last year.  My buddy picked it up when I had to leave the show early and I didn’t end up getting it in my possession until just recently.  Man, I really like Chris’ art and my piece is an excellent example of “why.”  He’s a talented artist with a huge sense of humor.  What a great combination!  You can check out more of Chris’ art here.

Francavilla’s “Cop Land”

Francesco Francavilla is an extremely talented artist.  His art blog is a regular stop on my internet travels.  I love Francesco’s moody black and white work and was excited to get a copy of his Chiaroscuro sketchbook.  I was even more excited to learn that Francesco draws a free “quick sketch” in every copy ordered through his site.   As you can see from the scan above, he decided to give me his take on Freddy from “Cop Land.”

Chiaroscuro is 70 pages full of Francesco’s black and white work.  It features everything from quick sketches to more detailed work of characters like Hellboy, Batman, Kong, Marv, and so many others.  It arrives securely packaged [which is a major plus knowing my mail carrier] and the last page contains the quick sketch.   Francesco has another sketchbook available.  Schermoscuro is a classic horror movie guide in artbook form.  Francesco is offering the same deal on it and I plan to take him up on it soon.

Sly in Fat Actors Prestige Club

Gawker.com has an article about actors who have gained weight for roles. Included in the list are: Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Vincent D’Onofrio and of course Sly. Here’s what they had to say about Sly:

Sylvester Stallone in Copland Rocky Balboa gained about 40lbs to play a sad-sack New Jersey policeman in this quiet thriller that was meant to revive his acting career. While Stallone and the movie were both quite good, they went mostly unnoticed and disappeared into film history. Stallone since bulked back up and recently played a 60-year-old John Rambo.
Here’s a link to the piece. – Craig

Cop Land One of the Best

Kevin Williamson of the Ottowa Sun, in the April 6, 2008 edition picks his Top Ten Cop Movies. As you can imagine, it’s a great list since there have been a ton of great cop flicks. Williamson’s list includes: 1] Heat 2] LA Confidential 3] The French Connection 4] Serpico 5] Narc 6] Se7en 7] Bullet 8] Cop Land 9] The Untouchables 10] Dirty Harry and Lethal Weapon. Here’s what he had to say about Cop Land:

8. COPLAND (1997)

Sylvester Stallone may be content to regurgitate his Rambo and Rocky franchises now, but for a fleeting moment in the mid-1990s, he dared to bulk up as a sheriff faced with a town of dirty big-city officers.

You can read the full article here. – Craig

Digital Spy Scores

The Digital Spy has posted up two items of interest to Stallone fans.

In the first, Sly defends the level of violence in “Rambo” saying, “As horrific and bloody as you think the film is, I don’t, because that’s what war is.” He goes on to add, “Gratuitous violence is a guy dressed up in a fright wig with a meat cleaver chasing ten teenagers around the woods for ten hours. That’s gratuitous, this [Rambo] is war. And civil war is by far the most vicious of all wars.” Click HERE to read the full post.

In the second Sly discusses the film that bothered him the most: “I think the biggest mistake I ever made was with the sloppy handling of Judge Dredd. I thought that could have been a fantastic, nihilistic, interesting vision of the future – judge, jury and executioner. That [film] really bothered me a great deal.” Sly goes on to talk about characters that he’d like to re-visit: “I think Cobra could have been kind of interesting on a certain level only because I always saw him as Bruce Springsteen with a badge! That character would’ve been nice to go back to.” Sly also “added that he wouldn’t mind going to see if Sheriff Freddy Heflin, the character he played in James Mangold’s Cop Land, ‘lived happily ever after’.” For the full piece click HERE.

Sly opens the door for some very interesting possibilities. Especially if Mangold joined him. – Craig

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