Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week

Sly and the Family Stallone News for the Week…

“Rambo III” by Marko Manev

Hey SZoners!  Check this out:

Grey Matter Art under license from StudioCanal, is pleased to announce the final poster in our officially licensed Rambo series. A limited edition screen print for the iconic 80’s action film, “Rambo III”, by artist Marko Manev. Below are details for the release:

Artist: Marko Manev
Size: 24X36
Regular Edition: 100/$50.00

Regular Edition Set of all 3 Rambos: $120
Printed by: D&L Screen Printing
This poster was released on Thursday, July 9th.Follow Grey Matter Arts on Twitter to get a jump on future drops. Also, follow Grey Matter Arts on Facebook and Instagram, and sign up for their website newsletter for all future news & information.

RAMBO III ™ & © 1988   Studiocanal S.A
RAMBO ® is a Registered Trademark owned by Studiocanal S.A.

Special Editions of David Morrell’s First Blood Trilogy Coming!

David Morrell, Rambo and Sylvester Stallone fans get ready to be excited!  

Gauntlet Press in collaboration with Borderlands Press have special editions of David Morrell’s Rambo trilogy set for publication starting in 2015.

Leading the way will be Morrell’s First Blood special edition which will feature…

…essays by David Morrell and by New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry as well as the never-before-published outline for the novel and the original first chapter.

As excited as I am for the special edition of First Blood, I am equally excited about the hardcover special edition treatment that David Morrell’s Rambo II and Rambo III novels will get.  Anyone who has ever read them will understand.

For more information check out Gauntlet Press’ First Blood by David Morrell page.

Rocky and Rambo PodCasts

Earlier this week, I received the following e-mail:

Hi Mr. Zablo,
I’m Mat Bradley-Tschirgi, Producer of the Sequelcast, a podcast looking at movie franchises. I’d thought you and your StalloneZone readers would be interested in checking out the podcasts we did of the Rocky films this past month. We also covered the Rambo films a few years ago. The podcasts might contain brief moments of explicit language.
Here are the links:
ROCKY III (Guest Paul Goebel of Beat The Geeks):
ROCKY IV (Guest Eric Lichtenfeld of The Ultimate Stallone Reader):
ROCKY V (Guest Ryan Hoss of the Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive):
ROCKY BALBOA (Guest West Anthony of The Auteurcast):
FIRST BLOOD (Guest David Morrell [author of the original First Blood novel]):
RAMBO (Guest Eric Lichtenfeld [author of Action Speaks Louder]):
Keep up the good work with StalloneZone. The Expendables 3 looks to have a mightier cast than the second. I’m just wondering where Barney’s goatee went in all the promo shots for the film.
Mat Bradley-Tschirgi
Thanks Mat for the kind words and the links to the Stallone-related podcasts! – Craig

Sly Almost Teamed with Bob Dylan & Giorgio Moroder

According to Nicole James in her April 18, 2013, piece at Fuse, There Was Almost a Bob Dylan/Sylvester Stallone Collabo.

According to Giorgio Moroder when asked if there was anyone he ever wished he had worked with, gave the following answer:

  • I do remember that Sylvester Stallone, when he was making the third Rambo film, absolutely wanted a song with Bob Dylan… So I scored the song and Sylvester liked it. I presented it to Bob, and he was listening to it. I think he heard it seven or eight times, but he eventually said no. I don’t know why — maybe it wasn’t the right movie or song… We never used it for anything else. It was done specifically for that scene and movie. He’s one of those artists that you think, well… if he doesn’t like it, it’s probably a bad song anyway.

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