Sylvester Stallone: 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked.

On February 1, 2013, WhatCulture! posted Sylvester Stallone: 5 Awesome Performances and 5 That Sucked.

  • According to WhatCulture! 5 that were Awesome: Rambo [First Blood and sequels], John Spartan [Demolition Man], Gabe Walker [Cliffhanger], Freddy Heflin [Cop Land], and Rocky Balboa [Rocky and sequels].
  • Their Choices for Not-So-Awesome: Judge Dredd [same name], Ray Quick [The Specialist], Marion Cobretti [Cobra], Jack Carter [Get Carter], and Joe Bomoski [Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!].

To Awesome I would delete Spartan and Walker to make room for Jack Carter and Deke Dasilva [Nighthawks].  To Not-So-Awesome I would delete Carter and add Nick from Rhinestone. – Craig

David Morrell and Rambo

One of the best things about creating and running the StalloneZone is the people I “meet” because of it.  This week I received an e-mail from one of my all-time favorite authors, David MorrellMr. Morrell is probably best known to fans here for creating Rambo in his novel First Blood.  [Mr. Morrell has written over 30 books in a wide range of genres and all are excellent.] 

Mr. Morrell wants Stallone fans to know that his newly designed website has a Rambo page and that he recently finished up revisions of his novelizations of Rambo, First Blood Part II and Rambo III [both of which will contain lengthy introductions]. 

Check out Mr. Morrell’s site and if your interested in some of his other novels, pick any of them because you can not go wrong!

Top 25 Threequels

On November 3, 2011, Crave Online posted their choices for the Top 25 Movie Threequels. Coming in at 23 was Rambo 3 and here’s why…

By the third film in the franchise, John Rambo had gone from a tragic figure – a man so scarred by the Vietnam War that living amongst quote-unquote “peaceful” folks was now an impossibility – to a musclebound all-American hero for the Reagan era. But even so, Rambo III is still a kick-ass action movie. Once again, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is called out of retirement, this time to aid Afghan rebels in fighting off Communist invaders from the Soviet Union and save his kidnapped former colonel, Sam Trautman (Richard Crenna) in the bargain. If you can overlook the unfortunate-in-hindsight political subtext, director Peter MacDonald made a killer, over the top action extravaganza, which once owned the Guinness World Record for “Most Violent Movie Ever Made.”

Sylvester Stallone makes his second (and final) appearance on our list with Rocky III, the last good film in the Rocky franchise until Stallone concluded it (we assume) with Rocky Balboa in 2006. The third time out, Rocky Balboa doesn’t start the film as the underdog. In fact, the new champion has gone so soft that he’s easily beaten by young, upstart boxer Clubber Lang, played by 1980s icon Mr. T in his film debut. After the death of his former mentor he’s forced to turn to his old nemesis Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) for guidance, creating an iconic “bromance” for the ages, and culminating once again a grand fight sequence that once again proves Rocky to be the greatest boxer of the age. The Rocky movies started to get a little hokey here, but if Rocky III had been the last film in the series it would have been a fine send-off to a classic franchise.

You can see the list here.

Rambo #1 Again! recently posted their list of The Top 25 Best One Man Armies in the Movies. Of course, Rambo came in at #1. Who could argue with that? The rest of the list can [and should] be debated. Isn’t that the purpose of lists? Here are my suggestions for the top ten:

  2. Lee played by BRUCE LEE in ENTER THE DRAGON
  3. Bryan Mills played by LIAM NEESON in TAKEN
  4. Geno Felino played by STEVEN SEAGAL in OUT FOR JUSTICE
  5. Creasy played by DENZEL WASHINGTON in MAN ON FIRE
  6. Walker played by LEE MARVIN in POINT BLANK
  8. John Matrix played by ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER in COMMANDO
  10. John Preston played by CHRISTIAN BALE in EQUILIBRIUM

To see the full list, click here.

Rambo Collector’s Set Contest

On Tuesday, May 27th, for the first time, LIONSGATE will release all four Rambo films together in Rambo: The Complete Collector’s Set. To celebrate the release of these great action movies, LIONSGATE has provided me with three sets to award to three lucky winners.

Before we learn about how to enter the contest, let’s take a look at this 6-disc super set which comes in a limited edition metal tin and includes First Blood: Ultimate Edition, Rambo First Blood Part II: Ultimate Edition, Rambo III: Ultimate Edition and the latest installment, Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition (which includes a digital copy of the film). Each film comes with bonus features (over 20 in all) plus the set includes a special bonus disc with 10 featurettes and the theatrical trailers for all four films.

First Blood: Ultimate Edition: DVD Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with Sylvester Stallone
  • Audio commentary with author David Morrell
  • Alternate Ending
  • Seven Interactive Military Special Operations Features

Rambo First Blood Part II: DVD Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director George P. Cosmatos
  • Seven Interactive Military Special Operations Features

Rambo III: Ultimate Edition Synopsis: DVD Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Peter MacDonald
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Seven Interactive Military Special Operations Features

Rambo: 2-Disc Special Edition Synopsis: Rambo Disc 1 DVD Special Features:

  • Audio commentary by Sylvester Stallone
  • Deleted Scenes
  • “Legacy of Despair: The Struggle in Burma” featurette
  • “It’s a Long Road: Resurrection of an Icon” featurette
  • “A Score to Settle: The Music of Rambo” featurette
  • “The Art of War: Completing Rambo” featurette
  • “The Weaponry of Rambo” featurette
  • “A Hero’s Welcome: Release & Reaction” featurette

Rambo Disc 2 DVD Special Features:

  • Digital Copy of the feature film


  • “The Real Nam: Voices from Within” featurette
  • “Guts and Glory” featurette
  • “The Forging of Heroes: America’s Green Berets” featurette
  • “Rambo-nomics” featurette
  • “Selling a Hero” featurette
  • “Suiting Up” featurette
  • “An American Hero’s Journey: The Rambo Trilogy” featurette
  • “Drawing First Blood” featurette
  • “We Get to Win This Time” featurette
  • “Afghanistan: Land in Crisis” featurette
  • Plus – Theatrical Trailers for all 4 Films

Now on to the contest:

  • Simply post which of the Rambo movies is your favorite and why.
  • E-mail Craig at with your name and mailing address. In the subject line put RAMBO CONTEST.
  • The contest runs from today until 12pm EST May 31, 2008.
  • I will then randomly draw three names and forward the winners information to LIONSGATE who will then send out the prizes.
  • At the request of the LIONSGATE, only U.S. readers may enter.
  • Winners will be announced on the next update following the conclusion of the contest.
  • Only one entry per mailing address will be accepted.
  • If you can not wait to win, then click HERE.

First Blood Exclusive

On May 15th at 7:30 p.m. at select theaters nationwide, Stallone fans will be able to see a special showing of “First Blood.” Then, following the film, the alternate ending (where Rambo dies) will be shown for the first time ever in theatres. Then to top off this one night event an exclusive, never-before-seen interview with Sylvester Stallone [who will discuss all of the Rambo films] will be screened. For full details, click HERE. – Craig

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