Rocky for the Holidays!

Hey SZoners! The holidays are quickly approaching and I wanted to remind everyone that Rocky sculptures are still available through A. Thomas Schomberg studios. These statues were created by Mr. Schomberg [who created the original Rocky sculpture seen in the Rocky movies] in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone and MGM studios. Here’s my interview with Mr. Schomberg. [part two of the interview is here] for the SZ.


Mr. Schomberg
and his lovely wife, Cynthia, are offering the following discounts for statues purchased between
November 27 through January 8, 2010


20″ ROCKY bronze plated
sculptures normally $468 – holiday special $395 (includes shipping) Nov. 27th to Jan. 8th, 2010 plus one year interest free time payments now available

20″ ROCKY limited edition cast bronze
sculptures – $2600 – holiday special free shipping Nov. 27th to Jan. 8th, 2010 plus two year interest free time payments now available

Remember, if you’ve purchases a statue, I’d love to post a picture of you with it on the StalloneZone! – Craig

“Rocky” The Undisputed Collection

The has announced that on November 3rd, a seven disc collection of all of the “Rocky” movies will be released on Blu-ray. has the collection listed at 30% off for pre-orders.  Hopefully this will be the definitve collection that all fans have requested.  As more information on the extras becomes available, we’ll post the information.

Why “Rocky Balboa” Works

On June 27, 2009, Christopher Crespo at the Orlando Movie Examiner posted an article titled “Why Rocky Balboa Works Where the Other Rocky Sequels Failed”.  Crespo actually has some good things to say about “Rocky II” and “Rocky III” but focuses his attention on how “Rocky Balboa” (like the original “Rocky”) mirrors what was happening in Sly’s life and “Stallone (didn’t) pretend things (were) different from what they (were).” You can read the full piece by clicking here.

Sly’s Underrated Sequels

Simon Brew, at the Den of Geek, lists 19 Underrated Sequels That Deserve a Second Chance.  Here’s what he had to say about some Stallone-starring choices:

Rocky II, III & IV

Our love of Rocky IV has already been documented at Den Of Geek, but the saga of Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion is really enjoyable right up until 30 seconds before Rocky V starts. The second movie is a glossy and very functional sequel, but let’s cut film three slack for loosening up and having some fun, with Mr T’s Clubber Lang a great introduction to the franchise. Rocky IV, of course, remains without modern day parallel…

You can read the entire article here.

SZ Exclusive “Rocky III” Photos

SZoner, Mike “Adnuk” Kunda sent in these photos and this story that goes along with it:
Craig, as I go through my many Stallone photos, I thought the Zoners would like these. Funny story to it. In 1986, my friend Joe had a first cousin named sharon. She was on a school trip in 1981 to the steps in Philly. They just happened to be filming Rocky 3 on this particular day and she took these pictures. She showed them to me back then. And here is the fummy part…11 years later I married her sister, Sue. Anyways I love the picture with Sly and the 2 tony’s!

Merry Christmas Zoners!!!

Mike “Adnuk” Kunda

Thanks to Mike for taking the time to send in the photos! Also, I’d like to publicly thank Mike for his continued support of the SZ. – Craig
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