You Work Out Some?

SZoner, richblake96 posted the photo above on the StalloneZone Message Boards on January 21st with the following caption::

Some people just aren’t ‘Expendable’… Taken at Gunnar’s gym Jan 20th 2009’.

The photo has begun making the rounds of all the major movie sites.  As you can imagine folks are amazed at Sly’s shape.  And rightly so.

Sly on M&F Cover


I’ve been a long time reader of the Stallone Zone. I really appreciate all the effort you put into it, I read it every week. I just wanted to let you know that Rocky is in the latest issue of Muscle and Fitness. Here’s a brief excerpt on the article: Reel Muscle Rocky training scenes are the gold standard in cinematic muscle, but we’ve ranked nine sequences that offer stiff competition. There’s a picture of Rocky on the upper right of the magazine cover and more info on the Rocky training montages in the magazine. The website is Just wanted to pass it along. Keep up the great work!
Jeff Farnham
Kernersville, NC


Thanks to Jeff for the tip. – Craig

Sly Signing!

Simon from Sly’s official site @ Sylvester sent in the following:

Hi Craig – news story for you..

News hot off the press!

Sylvester Stallone will be signing books, 12:30pm May 10th at Barnes & Noble, Rockefeller Center, 600 Fifth Ave. at 48th Street, New York!

This is your chance to meet the man and pick up a copy of the book! Send in your pictures and stories after the event!

Thanks for the tip, Simon!


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