Seth Damoose, Jack Carter and John Wick!

I’ve been a Seth Damoose fan since I first saw his art.  There’s a joy to everything Seth draws.  I was extremely happy when Seth announced he was taking a few sketch commissions through the mail.  I jumped on board with a request for Jack Carter and John Wick.  As you can see, Seth came through like a champ.

You can see more of Seth Damoose’s art at his Facebook page, his Art of Damoose page, or follow him on Twitter.

Jarrod Alberich Creates Jack Carter for the Win!

Jarrod Alberich
aka The Yard Sale Artist created the Jack Carter piece above for me after I won a contest he was running (something he regularly does for his fans).    

Jarrod calls himself The Yard Sale Artist because he uses only materials that he finds at yard sales, thrift stores, dumpsters and so on.  Jarrod is a great guy and his prices are reasonable.  You can see more of his art here.  This is my second piece by Jarrod and my guess is that there will be more to come!

Thomas Boatwright and Jack Carter

Thomas Boatwright is back and Jack Carter is with him.

Over the years I’ve gotten several Stallone pieces from Thomas.  Here is what has been posted so far… there are more to come.

If you’d like to see more of Thomas Boatwright’s art check out his blog and his DA site. Send him some love.

If you get commissions, you should consider a piece from Thomas. He keeps you totally in the loop on his progress, finishes his commissions on or ahead of schedule, has very reasonable prices, is a fantastic artist and always gives you more than you’re expecting!   – Craig

Joshua Greathouse Gets Carter!

This amazing watercolor was created by Joshua Greathouse. When I saw that Greathouse was taking pre-show commissions for HeroesCon, I contacted him about a Get Carter piece.  Man, did he nail it!

The funny thing is, when I picked up the art, Greathouse told me it was the second piece he’d ever done for me.  I was sure it was the first.  Greathouse went on to say he’d done a Rocky sketch for me at another show several years ago.  That night I checked my online posted art and there was nothing by Greathouse.  Of course I have many pieces that have not been scanned and posted yet.  When I returned home I found the piece Greathouse was talking about.  You won’t believe his growth as an artist.  I’ll post the Rocky piece soon.

In the meantime, if you’re a sketch collector, check out Greathouse on the web.  You can find him here and here.

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