On May 28th, JASON93 posted the web address for a reviewer who caught a sneak preview of “Detox” way back in November of last year. The reviewer ultimately rated the film 3 out of ten but did like some aspects of the film. To view the review click |HERE|

On May 30th, COMING ATTRACTIONS ran a follow-up item from MR. ANONYMOUS who has nothing but praise for “Get Carter.” Mr. Anonymous says that he caught an advance screening and “boy, did the movie deliver. It had top notch performances from the entire cast… How was Sly you ask? I have to say that Stallone was EXCELLENT as Jack Carter. “Get Carter” has got to be Stallone’s best movie in years.” MA goes on to praise the director, cinematographer and Stallone some more!

On June 1st, EDWIN5 posted three web addresses which contained pictures of SLY. One of the pictures was a cool close-up shot of SLY getting ready to lower the visor of his helmet. On the same day ANDREW posted on the board that he had forwarded the photo to the DARK HORIZONS and AIN’T IT COOL websites. On June 2nd the photo appeared at DARK HORIZONS giving credit to the STALLONE ZONE. Thanks to both EDWIN5 and ANDREW (as well as GARTH!)

– Craig Zablo
(June 3, 2000)

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