Dave Wachter and Jack Carter

Dave Wachter is back and he brought his take on Sly from the Get Carter. I met Dave several years ago and became an instant fan. I wasn’t the only one to discover Dave’s fantastic sketches! How can you not like a great guy who is a terrific artist?

It has become a HeroesCon tradition that I get  Dave to draw his take on Sly.  Somehow this one was never posted until now.

You can see more of Dave’s art at his site. – Craig

Brittney Hutagalung’s Jack Carter

Brittney Hutagalung created today’s sketch of Sly as Jack Carter.  Brittney had posted some sketches of Jon Bernthal that she was taking to MegaCon.  I liked “Bnie’s” art and saw that she was open for commissions so I set this one up.

Brittney’s prices are very reasonable and she gets my highest recommendation.

Christopher Mitten Gets Tough with Jack Carter

I’ve been a Christopher Mitten since I first discovered his art.  When I saw Christopher was going to be at HeroesCon last year, I hoped I would be able to get a Stallone sketch from him.  As you can see I was and I couldn’t be happier with it.  I love the attitude and toughness Chris gave Carter.

You can see more of Chris’ art here, here, here and follow him on Twitter here.

Jerry Gaylord Gets Carter or Barney Ross!

Jerry Gaylord aka The Franchize returns with his take on Sly from Get Carter.  Stallone purists may say, wait, he’s got the tats of Barney Ross.  Ok, then for you folks, it’s Barney Ross!

Jerry is one of my favorite sketch artists.  He always gives collectors more than they’re expecting and he is just plain good!

I highly recommend Jerry to all sketch collectors. He quickly responds to e-mails, his turnaround time is fast and he packages the art to ensure it arrives safely.

To check out more of Jerry’s art, head here. – Craig

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