Why “Rocky Balboa” Works

On June 27, 2009, Christopher Crespo at the Orlando Movie Examiner posted an article titled “Why Rocky Balboa Works Where the Other Rocky Sequels Failed”.  Crespo actually has some good things to say about “Rocky II” and “Rocky III” but focuses his attention on how “Rocky Balboa” (like the original “Rocky”) mirrors what was happening in Sly’s life and “Stallone (didn’t) pretend things (were) different from what they (were).” You can read the full piece by clicking here.

Sly’s Underrated Sequels

Simon Brew, at the Den of Geek, lists 19 Underrated Sequels That Deserve a Second Chance.  Here’s what he had to say about some Stallone-starring choices:

Rocky II, III & IV

Our love of Rocky IV has already been documented at Den Of Geek, but the saga of Sylvester Stallone’s Italian Stallion is really enjoyable right up until 30 seconds before Rocky V starts. The second movie is a glossy and very functional sequel, but let’s cut film three slack for loosening up and having some fun, with Mr T’s Clubber Lang a great introduction to the franchise. Rocky IV, of course, remains without modern day parallel…

You can read the entire article here.

Bill Pruitt Stallone Originals Offered!

SZoner, Bill Pruitt checked in to say:

Hi Craig,
I wanted to show you some Sly art I have on Ebay. There are 2 original studies from 1990 and another one I sold from Rocky 4 I hope you can post on your update for next week:

Bill, I think that it’s great that fans will get an opprotunity to purchase an original from you. Hopefully a ZONER will win the auction!

If you’d like to see more of Bill‘s work you can. Simply click HERE and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Gerardo Moreno’s Rocky and Rambo DVD Packages!

Gerardo Moreno checked in to the SZ with pics of his design work for a Rocky and Rambo dvd packages sold

If you’d like to see more of Gerardo’s work; he specializes in illustrations [traditional and digital], graphic design,  as well as sculpture and photography; then check out his website and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Bill Pruitt’s New “Old” Stallone Art!

SZoner, Bill Pruitt checked in to say:

Hi Craig,
I wanted to send these paintings I did exactly 20 years ago right around when Rocky IV was out. The boxing ring was done in early ’86 and the other was done in late ’86. I had only been painting in oils for about a year at this time but not seriously yet since I was still in school. I’ve obviously come a long way since then.Bill

Bill, you were an amazing artist then, and continue to astound us with your talent. Thanks for sharing!

If you’d like to see more of Bill‘s work you can. Simply click HERE and tell him I sent you! – Craig

Action Figure Digest: Rocky and Rambo!

The March 2006 issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest features early prototypes of the new Rocky figures on the cover as well as a two page spread featuring over 20 images of the additional characters and items which will be offered.

Here are some highlights:

* Approximately 40 to 50 figures will be produced
* All of the lead characters will be featured with figures from each film
* Key secondary and tertiary characters from all films will also get a figure [even the robot from Rocky IV!]
* A new series will be issued every one to two months starting in October 2006

This issue also features a pic of the Sideshow Collectables HALO Rambo!
The mag is well worth the price of admission and can be found on newstands now.

– Craig


Dolph Lundgren Praises Sly

In an interview at UGO.com, Dolph Lundgren praised Sly in the following exchange:

UGO: You’ve worked with great directors over the years – Roland Emmerich, John Woo, Russell Mulcahey, even Sylvester Stallone – were there any that inspired you more than others during your career?

DOLPH: Sly Stallone was extremely organized and well-prepared, the script – and dialogue – was number one for him. He wrote, directed, and starred in Rocky IV, that’s one hell of a workload. Sly was very sensitive to the “guy in the street’s” taste.

I love it that he spoke of Sly so highly and first. Sly must have really made an impact on Dolph. For the full interview click [HERE].

– Craig

Sly Sends His Best!

How cool is that?!? I came home this week to find this personalized, autographed picture from SlySimon, who runs both Sly and Frank‘s Official Sites and I exchange e-mails from time to time. Simon thanked me for something that I had done for him and asked if there was ever anything that he could do for me… I told him [half jokingly] that a personalized autographed picture from Sly would be cool…


SZoners, please don’t bombard Simon for autographs. He called in a marker for this one!

Craig Zablo

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