Sly Tops List of Ultimate Action Heroes of All Time

Recently OK Magazine posted a list of The Top Ten Ultimate Action Heroes of All Time.  Any guesses who came in first?  Yep, Sly Stallone.  Here’s the list…

1. Sylvester Stallone – 31%

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger – 24%

3. Bruce Willis – 15%

4. Bruce Lee – 9%

5. Jean Claude Van Damme – 7%

6. Steven Seagal – 4%

7. Angelina Jolie – 2%

8. Chuck Norris – 0.8%

9. Will Smith – 0.6%

10. Jason Statham – 0.2%

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Of course the story was picked up by…

Stallone Interview

Sly appears in the April 10, 2001 issue of the National Enquirer. The picture above accompanies a short “exclusive interview” by Beverly Williston. The “interview” consists of six sentences by SLY… he says:

1. DALE EARNHARDTwas the “best in his field” and he hopes that “Driven” pays tribute to race car drivers.
2. That when you drive the cars “you’re lying down feet first.”
3. That once in “you are literally locked into these machines so there’s a sense of being nailed in a box with no exit except with the help of others.”
4. If the worst happens and “…you get into a crash its quite difficult to release yourself.”
5. Being in the car is “…very confining and claustrophobic.”
6. Finally about co-star ESTELLA WARREN, SLY said, ” ESTELLA is going to have a charmed life.”

– Craig Zablo

Stallone News for the Week

The picture above (minus the SZ tag, of course) appeared earlier in the week at DARK HORIZONS in an item about Warner Brothers’ 2001 movie line-up.

Entertainment Tonight’s website ran an item on Thursday saying that Sly and Jennifer co-hosted the opening of Downtown Disneyland in an event which benefited the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Sly also announced that his next movie will be a comedy. The picture above accompanied the item.

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from Simon Barber who is the new web master of Frank Stallone’s Official Website.

If you haven’t checked out Frank’s site in a while, you really should. Frank and Simon have updated and re-designed all areas (and have added more content as well)! You can find them at (they’ve moved from the old location) or by clicking |HERE|. Be sure and tell them the SZ sent ya!

[January 14, 2001] – Craig Zablo



In the June 20, 2000 issue of The National Enquirer there is a tidbit about SYLVESTER STALLONE in an article by Alan Smith, titled “Lust and Love in H’wood: Producer Bares All in Tattletale Book.” The article discusses American Rhapsody, the new book, by Joe Eszterhaus. Eszterhaus the well-known screenwriter of movies such as “Basic Instinct,” “Flashdance, and “F.I.S.T.” has written a tell-all account which has “Hollywood… quaking in their boots over the revelations.” According to the article, which provides a peek at some of the celebrities dissed or uh, discussed in the book; after the completion of “F.I.S.T.,” SLY “approached Eszterhaus and said that he wanted to be Jesus Christ in a movie.”
If the Stallone incident is an example of a story that will “bare all and have Hollywood quaking”… I think that the book will go the way of “Showgirls!”
-Craig Zablo
In the June 23, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly there is an article about special edition DVDs by Scott Brown entitled, “Isn’t That Special.” The article discusses directors who favor the extra treatment their films can get on DVD as well as some of the extras the discs include. In addition to the mention of the “Cliffhanger” special edition DVD which is now available, the article also quotes Renny Harlin about what we can look forward to on the “Champs” DVD! Renny is “already planning custom photography for the DVD release of his next movie, the Sylvester Stallone car-racing actioner tentatively titled “Champs” – though shooting hasn’t yet begun.” “The audience will be able to choose whether they want to watch the actor driving or look at what the actor is seeing through the windshield,” says Harlin, who adds that he adores DVD and the creative flexibility it affords him. “I’d say I have about 100 percent creative control (over my special editions)… I’ll take the blame and I’ll take the glory.”
This absolutely is good news!
-Craig Zablo

(June 20, 2000)



 The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Estella Warren has joined the cast of Champs which is scheduled to begin filming in July. Warren who is best known for being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, has appeared in independent films in the past, but this will be her first “major budget studio feature.” Thanks to Dark Horizons and “The Grim Reaping Lots of Money” for the tip.
-Craig Zablo (May 27, 2000)