Stallone Not Capone

I found this overseas movie poster for “Capone” and really liked the art.  Of course the poster design is pretty deceptive in that Sly doesn’t star or even play Capone in the movie.  Most SZoners know that Sly had a small, but important role as Frank Nitti.  Ben Gazara played Capone.  Did you notice that Sly was even given top billing in the poster credits? 

Oh well, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a pretty cool poster.

POW – “Capone”

Our POW [Picture of the Week] of Sly comes to us from my collection. It’s a rare shot of Sly as Frank Nitti from Capone.

I saw Capone during its initial release not long after seeing Lords of the Flatbush at the drive-in. Rocky was still a long way off but I was already a Stallone fan!  – Craig