Sly, Walter Hill & Bullet to the Head Cut

On Monday, March 5, 2012, we reported that Sly had contacted us [and Harry at AICN] to say that Walter Hill, not Sly, was cutting Bullet to the Head.  This was, of course, contrary to rumors that the job had been turned over to Sly.  As you can imagine, other sites have picked up the story.

Sly, Rocky & Rambo: Awesome Dudes

Over at IFC, they decided to post a piece “in honor of ‘John Carter,’ ten awesome dude movies with dude’s names for titlesSly was the only actor to make the list twice [for “Rocky” and “Rambo”].  Here are some tidbits…

  • ROCKY: You tell me who’s more of a man’s man in Hollywood than Sylvester Stallone. I dare you. And don’t even start with all the Chuck Norris business. Stallone is The Dude to end all dudes… “Rocky” is a rags to riches, come from behind, American Dream story that every man can relate to, and one that millions have probably tried to emulate in one way or another. Stallone not only starred in the classic (and the subsequent sequels), but he also wrote and directed the film. Now that’s a guy who’s worthy of the title of Ultimate Dude.
  • RAMBO: No one believed that Stallone could make another great Rambo movie, especially when the actor was already over sixty years old. Well, he certainly proved everyone wrong… “Rambo” is easily one of the greatest Dude Movies of all time and is the perfect way to end this list.

[Art by Jason Latour from my Stallone sketch collection. – Craig]

Stallone Gets “No Rest for the Wicked”

Sly Stallone is set to star in a remake of No Rest for the Wicked. The original was an award-winning film made in Spain. In a recent interview Stallone described No Rest for the Wicked

  • “…a wonderful film that was done in Spain, No Rest for the Wicked. It’s hard-core, in the Bad Lieutenant mode…”

Sly will play…

  • Burned-out cop Santos Trinidad who visits a lonely nightclub for a last drink. After a seemingly trivial incident with the owner, he ends up shooting him, his bodyguard and a waitress in a fit of rage. Only one witness escapes with his life. Santos destroys all evidence linking him to the shooting and tries to track down the witness. In the process, he uncovers an Islamist cell planning a terrorist attack.

All I want to know is where is the line to buy a ticket?