Ethelmae Adds to the News

This past week we’ve seen some updates on Ethelmae’s blog [publicist on “The Expendables”].  Here are a few tidbits:

Honestly folks I have to admit I wasn’t that jazzed about Sly doing Rambo … But that all changed after my oh so interesting conversation with Sly on Saturday about the new Rambo.   I told him how happy I was after reading Zablo’s blog in which Sly said that he had changed the storyline.

I told Sly that I was excited about him tackling the subject of the brutality women and children caught in the drug wars in Mexico face.  He spoke passionately about shining the high beams on the situation.

He commented it will be a brutal shoot…

It will have all of the trademarks of a Stallone film and the story will be provocative, revealing and totally kick ass.

So now I’m clear – this Rambo will be Rambo and Hunter will be made in the future as a stand alone as it should be.

You can read the full reports at Ethelmae’s blog by clicking here and here. – Craig

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