The Expendables Test Screening

Ok, the reviews for a test screening of The Expendables have started appearing on-line.  Most have been overwhelmingly positive.  Here are some examples of comments posted with links so you can read the full review:

Ethelmae said: :… THE ACTION IS C R A Z Y!!!Mickey Rourke steals every scene he is in … Sly and Jason Statham create an on screen chemistry we haven’t seen in many a moon…

Sir Steve said:… We all knew this film had the greatest action stars of all time in one film together… Stallone has written a script that gives plenty of bits to every ExpendableStallone — He’s in virtually every scene as the ringleader, but I was impressed by how he kind of hangs back and lets all of these other great action stars play out their roles… I was cheering and pumping my fists with the rest of the crowd.

The Recruiter said:… Two standout action scenes are also worth mentioning: The first was a pier full of baddies getting blown to bits as the result of some creative airplane flying from Stallone and Statham, and the other is the ending siege on the standard issue bad guy fortress…The last “good” item I’ll mention is the hyped cameos from Bruce Willis and the Governator.

Sly even had some thoughts on the test screening that he discussed with Harry at AICN and you can read ’em here.