Sly Almost Teamed with Bob Dylan & Giorgio Moroder

According to Nicole James in her April 18, 2013, piece at Fuse, There Was Almost a Bob Dylan/Sylvester Stallone Collabo.

According to Giorgio Moroder when asked if there was anyone he ever wished he had worked with, gave the following answer:

  • I do remember that Sylvester Stallone, when he was making the third Rambo film, absolutely wanted a song with Bob Dylan… So I scored the song and Sylvester liked it. I presented it to Bob, and he was listening to it. I think he heard it seven or eight times, but he eventually said no. I don’t know why — maybe it wasn’t the right movie or song… We never used it for anything else. It was done specifically for that scene and movie. He’s one of those artists that you think, well… if he doesn’t like it, it’s probably a bad song anyway.