Judge Dredd [1995] vs Dredd [2012]

JoBlo.com recently had a Face-Off: Judge Dredd [1995] vs Dredd [2012].  Let’s take a look at which film won each category and I’ll throw in my two cents.

Category JoBlo Craig
Actor: Stallone vs Urban Dredd Tie

Stallone is my favorite actor, but I am also a Karl Urban fan.  The fact that the movie Dredd was closer to the Dredd expected keeps Stallone from winning.

Colleagues Dredd Judge Dredd

Rob Schneider was the only misstep in casting Judge Dredd.  His character should have been deleted before filming started and a more serious take would have won over more fans.

Villains Judge Dredd Judge Dredd

Hands down this goes to “Judge Dredd”.

Costume Dredd Tie

If Stallone had keep the helmet and costume on throughout the movie this would have been a slamdunk.

Notoriety Judge Dredd Judge Dredd

Everyone knew and was afraid of Judge Dredd in “Judge Dredd.”

MegaCity One Judge Dredd Judge Dredd

Can you imagine how much better the effects would be now and it still wins in my opinion.

Director Tie Dredd

For this movie, Pete Travis had a better handle on the subject  matter than Danny Cannon.

Box Office Tie Judge Dredd

25% return vs 9% return.  How is that a tie, JoeBlo?

Dredd Depiction Dredd Dredd

“Dredd” was closer to the comic than “Judge Dredd.”

Verdict Dredd [4-3-2] Judge Dredd [5-2-2]