Sly Interview in March Impact

Two StalloneZoners (Paul Corr and Ernest Resendes) checked in with a tip about a Sly interview in the March 2002 issue of Impact magazine. Sly refers to “D-Tox” as a “dark horrifying movie… a descent into hell… your worst nightmare.” Sly further indicates that he believes that “D-Tox” will be released in the states and provides an interesting story about the title changes the film has undergone. It was changed from “D-Tox” (because people felt it had to do with recovering alcoholics) to “De-Tox” (too much of a rapper’s name feel) to “Eye See You” (Jennifer Flavin-Stallone‘s idea) back to “D-Tox.” The interviewer covers a couple more aspects of filming “D-Tox” and a few other areas as well. The interview is a worthy find for any Stallone fan!

Paul Corr also says that the April issue of Impact will also feature a closer look at Stallone‘s career. Paul continues: I was privileged to have seen D-tox twice. It was, in my opinion, a first class movie with an excellent performance by Stallone. I have written a short but to the point review in the mymovies site after the Stallonezone tip about the D-Tox clips. It was great to see the main man in the cinema.

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Thanks to Paul and Ernest for giving us a heads-up on the interview!

– Craig Zablo (March 23, 2002)