“Driven” DVD Extras

USA Today features an article by Scott Bowles about the extra bonus material found on DVDs. References to “Driven” are made which will excite most STALLONE fans.

“After five takes of an elaborate race scene for his movie Driven, director RENNY HARLIN requested yet another shoot. The crew was growing tired and frustrated. Didn’t they have enough footage? ‘Yes, for the film,’ HARLIN responded. ‘But we need more for the DVD…’ “HARLIN shot 1.5 million feet of film – 150 times longer than the movie itself – and his first cut of Driven ran longer than 4 1/2 hours. You can’t see that race epic at the local cineplex, but you may on DVD, he says.  HARLIN also hopes to turn the disc into a video game of sorts, allowing viewers to take “virtual races” in the movie, as well as choose camera angles and character perspectives.”