Sly in Warburton’s Ad

Word is Sly will appear in an ad for Warburton’s Bread

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Stallone Selfie Goes Viral

The photo above went viral this week.  Peter Rowe, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright are college buddies who ran up the famous “Rocky” steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  When they reached the top they were stunned to find Sylvester Stallone there.  Sly joked with them and agreed to pose for a selfie and the rest is history…

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Two Stallone Characters That Were Supposed to Die But Didn’t

Recently Mental_Floss  posted 14 Movie Characters Who Were Supposed to Die But Didn’t by Rudie Obias.

Guess who had two characters in the top 14?  That’s right, Sly and here’s what was said:

4. Rambo // First Blood

In the novel First Blood, Rambo commits suicide at the end of a long battle with Sheriff Teasle. Rambo’s death scene was filmed, but Sylvester Stallone saw the potential for a new franchise, so Rambo lived to fight another day in the final version.


5. Rocky Balboa // Rocky V

Rocky V was supposed to be the last movie in the franchise, and Stallone ended its screenplay accordingly, with Rocky Balboa dying at the hands of rival Tommy Gunn during a street fight. But during production, director John Avildsen got a call from executives telling him, “‘Oh by the way, Rocky’s not going to die,'” he recalled in 2014. “‘Batman doesn’t die, Superman, James Bond, these people don’t die.” Stallone wrote a new ending featuring Rocky and his son Robert Balboa jogging to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and looking over the city’s skyline.