“Rocky Balboa” Teaser Hits the Net

Rocky Balboa Teaser Hits the Net

The first teaser trailer for Rocky Balboa was posted at Sly’s Official Site [SylvesterStallone.com].

Of course other movie sites [Ain’t It Cool News, JoBlo.com, Chud.com, etc.] posted the news of the trailer’s release. This flooded Sly’s site with traffic and temporarily shut down the trailer. This led to speculation that the trailer had been posted by “accident” and pulled.

This isn’t the case. Here’s what Simon, the webmaster of SylvesterStallone.com had to say:

Hi Craig

Just to let you know that no one has posted the Rocky Balboa trailer by accident! 😀



The sheer volume of traffic must have overwhelmed the site, we’ll have it back up as soon as possible..

The Official Sylvester Stallone Website

Thanks to Simon for giving SZoners the inside scoop! – Craig

Bill Pruitt and his Rocky Balboa Painting!

SZoner, Bill Pruitt, checked in last week with a new Rambo painting.

This week he drops in with some paintings that appeared in Sly magazine.

Take it away, Bill!

Hi Craig,
Here are the pics working on issues 2 and 3 and with the original paintings from issues 2 and 3 separately along with a pic of the boxing commission piece where I put myself in there twice (on both ends).

Sly laughed  when I pointed that out to him. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

Thanks to Bill for once again sharing his talents with us! – Craig

Sly’s Water Makes the Cover

SZoner, Tyler Richard checked in with these pictures and message:

Hey Craig,


I love your site, one of the few I regularly visit. Obviously I’m a Stallone fanatic.


I thought you’d appreciate this, Sly on the cover of “Canadian Water Treatment” magazine along with an article inside on his water.

Keep up the great work and thanks for having the site out there.


p.s. My theory on the new Rocky is going to have him die in the ring, SHOCK THE WORLD


Yours truly,

Tyler Richard
Toronto, Canada

Thanks to Tyler for sharing! – Craig

Action Figure Digest: Rocky and Rambo!

The March 2006 issue of Tomart’s Action Figure Digest features early prototypes of the new Rocky figures on the cover as well as a two page spread featuring over 20 images of the additional characters and items which will be offered.

Here are some highlights:

* Approximately 40 to 50 figures will be produced
* All of the lead characters will be featured with figures from each film
* Key secondary and tertiary characters from all films will also get a figure [even the robot from Rocky IV!]
* A new series will be issued every one to two months starting in October 2006

This issue also features a pic of the Sideshow Collectables HALO Rambo!
The mag is well worth the price of admission and can be found on newstands now.

– Craig


New Bill Pruitt Rambo Painting!

New Bill Pruitt Rambo Painting!

Bill Pruitt recently sent in the scan to the left of a Rambo painting that he’d done a while back. When I asked him what else he’d been up to he replied:

“I have been keeping busy painting. I have several pieces that I am working on with a couple other Sly / Rocky pieces and several regular portrait commissions. Also, I will have two pieces of Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming coffee table book called Marilyn in Art tentatively due out in March.”

Bill’s an amazing artist. You can check out his work at his site. You’ll be glad that you did!

– Craig

Sly & Jen on GNC Cover

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes checks in with the scan to the right and the info below.

Sly on the cover of a free magazine called REAL SOLUTIONS WHICH INCLUDES AN INTERVIEW WITH SLY.

I got mine free from GNC but it says it costs $3.99.

Here are some excerpts from the Q&A

SA– So, when do we get to see Rocky VI?
SS– [lauhing] Hopefully, by next summer!

SA– Where do you see Instone in the coming fiver years–anything big on the horizon?
SS– Realizing we have to pay our dues to get repeat consumers and the respect of our peers, I want to focus on that. If we earn the respect, the sky is the limit.

Thanks to Jazzman! – Craig

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