Sly & Jen on GNC Cover

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes checks in with the scan to the right and the info below.

Sly on the cover of a free magazine called REAL SOLUTIONS WHICH INCLUDES AN INTERVIEW WITH SLY.

I got mine free from GNC but it says it costs $3.99.

Here are some excerpts from the Q&A

SA– So, when do we get to see Rocky VI?
SS– [lauhing] Hopefully, by next summer!

SA– Where do you see Instone in the coming fiver years–anything big on the horizon?
SS– Realizing we have to pay our dues to get repeat consumers and the respect of our peers, I want to focus on that. If we earn the respect, the sky is the limit.

Thanks to Jazzman! – Craig

Stallone: Key to Wiretap Case

Stallone: Key to Wiretap Case

A report issued yesterday by United Press International states that Sly Stallone is expected to be a key witness in the government’s wiretapping case against Anthony Pellicano.

Pellicano, a Hollywood private eye, is facing illegal wiretapping charges brought forth by the government. Pellicano, whose clients included some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, was charged earlier this month with wiretapping people he was investigating as well as his own clients!

As to Sly‘s role in the case, according to the federal indictment, Pellicano and his associates allegedly illegally wiretapped or attempted to intercept Sly‘s phone calls. What makes this even more interesting is that the federal grand jury‘s indictment refers to calls to/from a “Johnny Friendly.” According to the UPI report “Johnny Friendly” is a name often used by Sly when he travels. [“Johnny Friendly” was a dishonest union boss played by Lee J. Cobb in the Marlon Brando classic “On the Waterfront.”]

So far there has been no comment from Sly and no verification from the US Attorney’s Office that Sly is in fact “Johnny Friendly.”

For more information, please click HERE.

– Craig Zablo

SZoner Attend “Rocky Balboa” Filming

SZoner, Bridget Gennett was lucky enough to not only attend the Vegas filming of  “Rocky Balboa,” where she met Sly, Frank, and Burt Young, but she was also kind enough to send us a report with pictures.

You’d think that would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Not for Bridget who
sent me the following:

Hi Craig,

I made it home to Philly and got these shots of Sly on the set in the Italian Market.
Thought you might like to see them? Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

Have a great day,


SZoner, Bridget Gennett Attends Vegas Filming

Hi Craig,

Your webpage is great! Sly is my biggest inspiration and it’s awesome to keep up with all his projects through your site. I was lucky enough to get this picture with Sly when he approached me on the set in Vegas to ask me why I had been smiling for two days. I got the chance to tell him he was my inspiration; not because he is famous but because he follows his heart and makes his dreams happen. How happy can a Philly girl get?? Sly is great and “Rocky” is our hometown hero! I live in Florida now but I’m flying home to Philly tomorrow to try to watch filming in South Philly this week. I’m just flying to Philly and going to Victor’s Cafe and Claudio’s Cheese Shop to see if I am lucky enough to catch the filming anywhere. Thanks again for your great website!



Thanks for sharing! – Craig

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