SZoner Attend “Rocky Balboa” Filming

SZoner, Bridget Gennett was lucky enough to not only attend the Vegas filming of  “Rocky Balboa,” where she met Sly, Frank, and Burt Young, but she was also kind enough to send us a report with pictures.

You’d think that would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Not for Bridget who
sent me the following:

Hi Craig,

I made it home to Philly and got these shots of Sly on the set in the Italian Market.
Thought you might like to see them? Can’t wait for the movie to come out!

Have a great day,


SZoner, Bridget Gennett Attends Vegas Filming

Hi Craig,

Your webpage is great! Sly is my biggest inspiration and it’s awesome to keep up with all his projects through your site. I was lucky enough to get this picture with Sly when he approached me on the set in Vegas to ask me why I had been smiling for two days. I got the chance to tell him he was my inspiration; not because he is famous but because he follows his heart and makes his dreams happen. How happy can a Philly girl get?? Sly is great and “Rocky” is our hometown hero! I live in Florida now but I’m flying home to Philly tomorrow to try to watch filming in South Philly this week. I’m just flying to Philly and going to Victor’s Cafe and Claudio’s Cheese Shop to see if I am lucky enough to catch the filming anywhere. Thanks again for your great website!



Thanks for sharing! – Craig

NBC10 and “Rocky Balboa”

If you’ve been following Sly‘s filming of “Rocky Balboa” in Philly, you know that the best coverage is coming from the Channel 10, the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia. They’re doing a really great job, so you can imagine how pleased I was to receive the following e-mail from Lucy Barnett, the Senior Editor for

I saw that you linked to our Rocky story. Feel free to link to our Rocky section, where we will post all the stories we do on the new movie and the filming in Philadelphia

Lucy Barnett
Senior Editor

Thanks Ms. Barnett. I’ll add a link directly to NBC10’s coverage on the front page of the SZ! – Craig

Sly Still “Lord of the Ring”

SZoner, Tony Gardner sent in the following:

Hi Craig,

My name is Tony Gardner from Newcastle in the UK, I sent you some art work of mine a while back. I would just like to mention again on what a great job you are doing with the website and all this Rocky Balboa news is so exciting its just blowing my mind away.

Anyway the main reason i have emailed you is to send you a scan of what the papers have to say over here about Sly and ROCKY BALBOA and its all good stuff. I have seen a few articles in news papers and magazines and everyone seems blown away by Stallone‘s physique at the age of 59 so i decided to scan one and let you have a look or maybe use it for your next site update, keep up the great work.

All the best,

Tony Gardner

Thanks for sharing, Tony! – Craig

Sly Water

Sly recently inked a deal with Glacia Nova to produce bottled water from the 10,000-year-old Mount Rainier Carbon Glacier. Glacia Nova has been in business for 16 years producing Vivali health and performance water, Akali functional water, and Serac glacial milk.

Sly water will be an upscale brand and sell for about $2.50 per 20-ounce bottle. This year, only 6 million cases will be produced and Sly Water will be available only in restaurants, hotels, and the company website.

For more details click HERE or visit the Glacia Nova website HERE. – Craig

SZoner, Joe Breen Attends Vegas Filming

Dear Mr. Zablo,

I have visited your web site for a number of years. As a lifelong Stallone fan it is a pleasure to see someone dedicate a site to those who share the same sentiment about the powerful influence of this man’s works. Recently I traveled to Las Vegas to take part in the filming of “Rocky Balboa”, I have enclosed several photos of thje trip which you can share with fellow Zoners.

As a young actior and writer, it was more then the ideal opportunity to see the man who inspired me to begin on this path. Because of Mr. Stallone I was inspired to write my first script “Favelas” which I co-wrote with my good friend John Smalbein, who happens to be a mutual acquatence of both of us. Enjoy the pics and keep up the good work. – Joe Breen


Thanks, Joe! Best of Luck to you and John with your script. – Craig Zablo

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