Sly Guests on Ali Celebration

Muhammad Ali, seated, is joined by, from left, India.Aire, Paul Simon, Sidney Poitier, Natalie Cole, Larry King, Sylvester Stallone, Laila Ali and Jon Voight at the taping of Muhammad Ali’s 60th Birthday Celebration,” Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002, in Los Angeles. The show airs Wednesday. (AP Photo/CBS, Monty Brinton)

Muhammand Ali, seated, is joined by, from left, Howard Bingham, Will Smith, India.Aire, Cuba Gooding Jr., Paul Simon, Sidney Poitier, Natalie Cole, Larry King, Sylvester Stallone, Laila Ali and Jon Voight at the taping of “Muhammad Ali’s 60th Birthday Celebration,” Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002, in Los Angeles. The show airs Wednesday night on CBS. (AP Photo/CBS, Monty Brinton)

“Rocky” in the Perfect DVD Collection

Entertainment Weekly’s January 11th issue looks at “The 100 Must-See DVDs.” Rocky is picked as a dvd in “the perfect collection.”  Sly makes the cover and in a small pic in the article (as Rocky).

Rocky, 1976 MGM, PG, $19.98 The franchise it spawned quickly lapsed into self-parody, but writer-star Sylvester Stallone‘s parable of redemption remains not only the sports-film paragon but one of the most successful low-budget movies ever. Why? In a decade of war, scandal, and economic decay, the Best Picture winner was, simply, the right film at the right time.

– Craig Zablo (January 5, 2002)

“Rocky IV” Leads the Time Capsule

The January 4, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an item about Sly in the Time Capsule column. They look at December 31, 1985 and say: Sylvester Stallone scores a knockout as Rocky IV is the top film in its fifth week, ultimately grossing a heavyweight $86.5 million.

– Craig Zablo (01/01/02)
Photo courtesy of the StalloneZone

SZ Exclusive: Sly at “Driven” Premiere

Chris Heathcoat is a longtime SYLVESTER STALLONE fan and StalloneZone “regular.” Chris was lucky enough to attend the “Driven” premiere and generous enough to share his pics with us [Chris did the same for the “Get Carter” premiere], and had this to say:


Not requesting that it is a must, but if there is anything printed about my feeling about the clearest shot of SLY, as I look at it in my 22 years of experience with him it is this…

…From Fans to Critics, many people look at this man and think of his movies repeating a few quotes from his characters that fascinate them. I however see a man who kept me away form temporary highs and gave me one thrill film a year from 1979 (Rocky II) to 2001 (Driven) and when I see this picture I see a man who proves dreams do come true. Thank you SYLVESTER STALLONE!”

Christopher E. Heathcoat

And thank you, Chris!
– Craig Zablo

Sly: The Difference is Night and Day

SLY appears twice in the April 17, 2001 issue of the National Enquirer. He first appears in the two pictures above in a piece that looks at how differently celebrities dress during the day and at night. SLY makes another appearance later in the magazine [in a small picture] in an article about TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN.
– Craig Zablo

Sly Stallone’s “Rocky” Coming to Video Games!

Rage Software has announced that it will produce a series of games based on the classic SYLVESTER STALLONE Rocky film series on multiple formats including Sony PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft XboxRagepromises that the games will attempt to capture the overall look and feel of the movies.

“We are delighted to be developing and publishing the officially endorsed range of computer and video games based on the Rocky movie anthology,” Paul Finnegan, managing director at Rage, said. “We believe that Rocky is without a doubt one of the most entertaining and enduring movie series ever produced, and we plan to create a major gaming franchise that utilizes the strengths of the license.”

SZ Exclusive Sly Candid

This pic above was taken on April 26, 2001 outside the David Letterman show. SLY stopped before the show to sign autographs for everyone. All the best, Christine Eschenauer (ps the photo is from my personal collection of SLY pics)

(Christine was born and lives in Brooklyn. She’s been a major SLY fan for 20 years now!! She’s a director of marketing at a law firm. Funny story: each time she’s met SLY, she’s had a Rocky towel with her that he sees – she calls it the lucky towel and thinks she will go down as the “crazy towel girl” to the people at David Letterman!!!

Thanks to Christine for sharing!
– Craig Zablo

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