Sly vs Ali

The March 21, 2003 issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an article entitled “Oscars 20 Most Memorable Moments.” The picture to the left and following text appear in it.
1977 A long-shot Best Actor nominee for the boxing drama Rocky, Sylvester Stallone probably wasn’t expecting any golden trophies. He definitely wasn’t expecting to be joined on stage by heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali. “I’m the real Apollo Creed!” Ali exclaims, pseudo-sparring with the Italian Stallion. “Show me what you can really do!”

– Craig Zablo

Sly Set to Present

SYLVESTER STALLONE will be a presenter at the American Film Institute’s next special, “100 Years – 100 Heroes and Villains,” which will air June 3 on CBS. Others set to present include: HARRISON FORD, JODIE FOSTER, KIRK DOUGLAS, GEENA DAVIS, KATHY BATES, DENNIS HOPPER, CHRISTOPHER REEVE, and others.

– Craig Zablo

Frank Stallone: My Big Fat Greek Life

This Sunday, March 9th, 8 PM ET/PT, FRANK STALLONE will guest star on the new hit series “My Big Fat Greek Life.”

FRANK plays Spiro the intended husband for RITA WILSON [Ariana]. You won’t want to miss this hilarious episode!

Check your local listings for more info.

Thanks to Simon, webmaster of both FRANK and SLY’s Official Sites! – Craig Zablo

Sly and Harry

HARRY KNOWLES is the man behind the Ain’t It Cool News website. Over the years he has got to meet many, many stars. He’s been flown to locations to be on set during filming and he’s been wined and dined at movie premieres. Until today I’ve never really been envious. Today HARRY spent time on the set of “Spy Kids III” with SYLVESTER STALLONE! Not only did HARRY get to hang out with SLY for about five hours. but he also got to watch filming with his good buddy ROBERT RODRIGUEZ! For full details click [HERE].

– Craig Zablo

Rambo Trilogy Action Figures

“Slmboyross” posted a link at the StalloneZone message board to some very cool photos of a trio of Rambo Action figures that are scheduled for release later this year. Mirage Toys which is an off-shoot of N2 Toys [which went out of business] is set to release a Rambo figure based on the character as he looked from each of the Rambo films. It’s a cool idea and the figures look like winners.

– Craig Zablo

Sly Awards the Oscar to…

The February 21, 2003 issue of Entertainment Weekly is a special double issue which looks at this year’s Oscar nominations as well as the Oscar ceremony held 25 years ago. This picture of SLY and RICHARD DREYFUSS appears in the issue.
– Craig Zablo

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