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Well, I didn’t think it would happen but it did.

As most of you know Craig Zablo’s StalloneZone has been providing weekly updates since our inception in 1996. Most fans, SZoners as we affectionately call each other, have been coming here for months, if not years. In this time, we have seen an enormous amount of generosity and many friendships formed. Fans have shared pics, stories, news, tapes, magazines and more. With very few exceptions, everyone came in and was welcomed… because they shared the common bond of being a Sylvester Stallone fan. And because they treated other fans with civility and respect.

We have always encouraged new Stallone sites and gladly shared our news, pics and message board with them. My feeling has been the more Stallone sites there are, the better it is for everyone.

This past week we were made aware that another person has created a Stallone website using the name “” (.de is the German equivalent of .com) Fan reaction was immediate and the same as mine. A new Stallone site would be welcomed but not using the name that I created in 1996.

I informed the person that I would appreciate him changing the name of “his site.” I explained that I had created the name in 1996 and worked hard to make it the #1 Sylvester Stallone site on the internet. The response I got back was that I could purchase the name from them, if I desired. Can you believe it?

The person who created “” not only used the StalloneZone name without permission but posted a piece of art, without the permission of the artist who created it. (Hennie Blaauw, who by the way, created it for us.) In addition, “” used the same color scheme as us… all in a sad attempt to cash in on our hard work.

My feeling is that the creator of “de” site really isn’t a Stallone fan. If so, why would he disrespect this site and fans who have been supporting Sylvester Stallone longer than anyone else on the internet? Further, why would anyone steal the efforts or work of another? I guess we all know the answer to those questions.

I have decided to simply ignore the “de” site. I will not provide a link to it or any site that links to it. The creator of the “de” site has been banned from the StalloneZone message boards. If a time comes when the “de” creator wishes to apologize and change “his site’s” name then these two stipulations will be lifted. I urge all SZoners to join me in these actions.


Craig Zablo (April 13, 2001)

Sly and Jen Have An Unforgettable Evening

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes sent in the following scoop:

“Here is a pic from the April 13, 2001 issue of OK! magazine. SLY and JENNIFER at a LA charity gala called An Unforgettable Evening. It was a fundraiser for the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and took place at the Regent Beverly Wishire Hotel, Beverly Hills. SLY and JENNIFER were among 800 guests which also included ROBERT DOWNEY JR., KIRK DOUGLAS and STING.

– Craig Zablo

Stallone Interview

Sly appears in the April 10, 2001 issue of the National Enquirer. The picture above accompanies a short “exclusive interview” by Beverly Williston. The “interview” consists of six sentences by SLY… he says:

1. DALE EARNHARDTwas the “best in his field” and he hopes that “Driven” pays tribute to race car drivers.
2. That when you drive the cars “you’re lying down feet first.”
3. That once in “you are literally locked into these machines so there’s a sense of being nailed in a box with no exit except with the help of others.”
4. If the worst happens and “…you get into a crash its quite difficult to release yourself.”
5. Being in the car is “…very confining and claustrophobic.”
6. Finally about co-star ESTELLA WARREN, SLY said, ” ESTELLA is going to have a charmed life.”

– Craig Zablo

“Driven” Soundtrack!

Dark Horizons reported that the “Driven” soundtrack would be available starting April 24th and gave props to the SZ for the news. What could be cooler than getting props from Garth? How about the interview with SLY that he posted the same day! Paul Fischer conducts an interview in which SLY discusses “Driven,” fitness, the special edition release of “Rocky”to dvd, and more! To check it out, click |HERE|.

Sly, Stone and Liotta

The April 9, 2001, issue of People contains the picture above with the caption: “At the MGM pre-Oscar party in L.A. honoring producer DINO De LAURENTIS, Hannibal’s RAY LIOTTA [center] gave a piece of his mind to director OLIVER STONE [ left] and SYLVESTER STALLONE, whose race-car film Driven opens April 27.
– Craig Zablo

Sly: “I’m Not Doing Another ‘Rambo'” reported that while talking to one of their columnists, SLY stated, “I’m not doing another Rambo. I don’t think that I’d look that good in a thong anymore.” SLY goes on to say, “In my fantasies, I’d love to do one more, but I don’t think it would be in good taste at this age.”

So what are we to make of this? It’s hard to say, since we don’t know the context of SLY‘s statements [which obviously were made tongue-in-cheek]. SLY has changed his mind about projects before…

Sly Gains Respect

Movie increases Stallone’s respect for Champ car drivers
By Mike Harris, AP Motorsports Writer
April 7, 2001

LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — SYLVESTER STALLONE, the star and driving force behind a new movie revolving around the CART series, said his introduction to open-wheel race cars was not what he expected.

“I wasn’t aware that you basically lie down in the car, so it was very odd realizing that you go into the great unknown basically feet first and that was kind of unnerving,” said the man who starred in the “Rambo” and “Rocky” movies.

“Second, there was a rattling all the time I was driving the car, so I thought, ‘This car’s coming apart,’ until I realized it was my knees. So there’s a fear factor that permeates one, and I realized it takes quite a while to get your heart, your body, your adrenal glands to settle down.”

STALLONE, who did a lot of his own driving in “Driven,” which will premier in Los Angeles on April 16 and go into wide release April 27, said he spun out numerous times during his preparation at a Las Vegas driving school.

“It finally dawned on me about drift and precision and powering into an apex and speeding coming out so it’s just getting the actual flow,” he said. “It’s almost like music and you start getting into a hypnotic rhythm. Then you start to push a little bit more and push a little bit more, and I was captivated by that.”

The actor, who appears to be very physically fit, was also surprised by the G Forces a driver is subject to.

“The next day, I was totally aware of it when I had to have someone brush my teeth for me,” he said. “I couldn’t move my hand, I couldn’t form a fist, my neck, forget it, you could use my head for a lamp, I couldn’t move.”

He came away from the project with great admiration for professional race drivers.

“I try to explain to people that driving a race car is like speeding across an ice field.” STALLONE said. “The car is almost floating and that’s the skill of driving, maintaining this car while its barely having adhesion … to the track. It just puts you right to that ragged edge. That’s an extraordinary skill to maintain that balance and coordination.”

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