Welcome to StalloneZone Version 8.0.

Welcome to StalloneZone Version 8.0.

You know, it’s hard to believe that the StalloneZone has been around for 6 years! When I first started the SZ, I had no idea how it would take off… or that six years later I would still be doing weekly updates. Although it’s a lot of work, I’m still having a blast.
So where does the SZ go from here?

It is my goal to make the StalloneZone an even better, more comprehensive Sylvester Stallone site. To this end, I plan to continually update every section. Some areas are just getting started (bibliography) and are going to take a while to finish, while others are currently up-to-date. I think (and hope you’ll agree), it’s gonna be a fun ride.

For the last six years, I’ve provided weekly updates. This will continue. In fact I have a feeling with the new design of the some of the areas, updates will appear much more than once a week.

Also several fans have requested an area for Stallone fans to discuss, non-Stallone related topics. You can now find an “Off Topic” area on the Message Board!


Sly Part of The Punch Bunch

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes checked in with a scoop that the March 2002 issue of Total Film contains an article entitled “The Punch Bunch” by Ceri Thomas. The piece looks at “a long line of thespians who spent months wheezing around stinky gyms perfecting their slugging skills.” The actors include Wil Smith, Robert Deniro, Denzel Washington, Errol Flyn , Daniel Day-Lewis and of course Sly. The Rocky article is short but contains quotes from Sly and John Alvidsen.

Thanks again to Jazzman for keeping us informed!

Craig Zablo (March 23, 2002)

Sly Interview in March Impact

Two StalloneZoners (Paul Corr and Ernest Resendes) checked in with a tip about a Sly interview in the March 2002 issue of Impact magazine. Sly refers to “D-Tox” as a “dark horrifying movie… a descent into hell… your worst nightmare.” Sly further indicates that he believes that “D-Tox” will be released in the states and provides an interesting story about the title changes the film has undergone. It was changed from “D-Tox” (because people felt it had to do with recovering alcoholics) to “De-Tox” (too much of a rapper’s name feel) to “Eye See You” (Jennifer Flavin-Stallone‘s idea) back to “D-Tox.” The interviewer covers a couple more aspects of filming “D-Tox” and a few other areas as well. The interview is a worthy find for any Stallone fan!

Paul Corr also says that the April issue of Impact will also feature a closer look at Stallone‘s career. Paul continues: I was privileged to have seen D-tox twice. It was, in my opinion, a first class movie with an excellent performance by Stallone. I have written a short but to the point review in the mymovies site after the Stallonezone tip about the D-Tox clips. It was great to see the main man in the cinema.

The impact web address is http://www.maipublications.co.uk

Thanks to Paul and Ernest for giving us a heads-up on the interview!

– Craig Zablo (March 23, 2002)


Jennifer Flavin, right, wife of actor Sylvester Stallone, left, makes a point as she discusses heart disease during taping of CNN’s ”Larry King Live,” Thursday, Feb. 7, 2002, in Los Angeles. The program is scheduled to be telecast on CNN, Sunday, Feb 10, 2002. Flavin and Stallone’s daughter had open-heart surgery. (AP Photo/CNN, Rose M. Prouser) – Craig Zablo (02/07/02)


Jazzman sent in this pic and the following: Craig, I found a cool article in the current (UK edition Volume 3 Number 1) issue of HOTDOG ‘the movie magazine’ on Stallone’s VICTORY entitled ‘JACKROOTS FOR GOALPOSTS, THE MAKING OF ESCAPE TO VICTORY’. Here are some excerpts…

John Houston has made better films than Escape To Victory: The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre, Moby Dick, The African Queen, Fat City.. bit it’s doubtful the writer/actor/director/cinematographer/bullfighter/ Mexican cavalry officer ever made a film that was as much fun as this soccer opus.

That the film still enjoys a cult status can’t be entirely attributed to schoolboy nostalgia, however. Amore probable reason for the public’s sustained affection is the films relationship with the granddaddy of all POW movies, The Great Escape.


Caine and co-star Stallone made the most of their weekends off. “We used to get away together when ever we could,” said Caine. “We would race ot the airport on Friday night waving our credit cards and shouting: ‘When’s the next plane out- to anywhere? ‘ Usually it was Paris or London. We’d go eating, drinking and falling down a lot.”

– Craig Zablo (02/03/02)
Thanks to Jazzman for sharing!

Yo Adrian! Rocky, Other Films May Be MGM Musicals

Wednesday January 30 3:49 PM ET

Yo Adrian! Rocky, Other Films May Be MGM Musicals
By Bob Tourtellotte

LOS ANGELES [Reuters] – Move over MEL BROOKS.

If film studio MGM has its way, “Rocky: the Musical” may just be Broadway‘s next big hit, rivaling BROOKS‘ current smash ”The Producers” as the hottest ticket in town.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. said on Wednesday it has launched a new initiative under long-time business and legal executive Darcie Denkert to develop new products, starting with Broadway shows, from its huge library of old films.

Already in development, the studio said, are stage plays based on comedies like “The Pink Panther” films from the 1960s and 1970s, which will be produced by BLAKE EDWARDS . Actor JOHN LITHGOW is set to star in a version of 1957’s “Sweet Smell of Success,” and stage versions of romances “Marty” and ”Moonstruck” are being worked on, an MGM spokeswoman said.

On the horizon could be any one of the roughly 4,100 titles MGM holds in its library of films billed as the world’s largest catalog of modern movies. Off the list, are the MGM musicals of the 1930’s and 1940’s, whose rights were sold years ago.

Still, rags-to-riches boxer Rocky, portrayed in the movies by action hero SYLVESTER STALLONE and owned by MGM, could be tromping the boards on The Great White Way sometime soon.

No doubt, key lyrics to any song in “Rocky: the Musical” would be, ``Yo!” and the wailing “Adrian.”

“(Denkert‘s) ties to the Hollywood and Broadway creative and business communities provide us with the ideal blend of resources to help energize our renowned library properties,” MGM Vice Chairman Chris McGurk said in a statement.

Denkert takes the job of President, MGM Entertainment Business Group, which will focus on creating new products from old library titles across all of MGM‘s businesses, including film, television, home video and music.

But her first effort will be spearheading the efforts of the new MGM on Stage business unit, which MGM has created to develop stage plays from its old films.

MGM is not the first studio to look to Broadway for new business. The Walt Disney Co. has turned hit animated movies such as “The Lion King” and “Beauty and the Beast” into stage plays both on Broadway and in touring companies.

BROOKS wrote and directed “The Producers,” the 1968 film about a washed-up theater producer and his accountant who set out to bilk money from investors by making a Broadway flop.

The director of such classic film comedies as “Blazing Saddles” put the story on stage, and it became one of Broadway‘s biggest recent hits, starring MATTHEW BRODERICK and NATHAN LANE.

Denkert began her career as a theatrical lawyer involved in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and subsequently has worked for MGM and its United Artists film unit for a total of 25 years, joining UA‘s legal department in 1977.

In addition to naming Denkert as head of the new entertainment business group, MGM is decentralizing its entire business affairs operations, shifting reporting to its various divisions in film, television, home video and music.

MGM is 81 percent owned by billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, and is currently looking for merger partners in order to expand its distribution platforms.

Craig Zablo

Yo Adrian! “Rocky” May Become an MGM Musical

Bob Tourtellotte of Reuters reports…

If film studio MGM has its way, “Rocky: the Musical” may just be Broadway’s next big hit, rivaling (Mel) BROOKS’ current smash ”The Producers” as the hottest ticket in town.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. said on Wednesday it has launched a new initiative under long-time business and legal executive Darcie Denkert to develop new products, starting with Broadway shows, from its huge library of old films.

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