The Associated Press published two pieces about Sly on March 24, 2000. The following is the second item.
-Craig Zablo (May 27, 2000)

U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone meets former U.S. boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard during the Laureus Celebrity Golf tournament in Monaco, Wednesday, May 24, 2000. They will participate Thursday in Monaco, at the Laureus Sports Awards ceremony.This first annual ceremony to celebrate sporting excellence across all disciplines and all continents,will honor sporting achievement.



 The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Estella Warren has joined the cast of Champs which is scheduled to begin filming in July. Warren who is best known for being a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, has appeared in independent films in the past, but this will be her first “major budget studio feature.” Thanks to Dark Horizons and “The Grim Reaping Lots of Money” for the tip.
-Craig Zablo (May 27, 2000)

Stallone and Travolta

The May 29, 2000 issue (#276) of Us Weekly contains the picture above of SYLVESTER STALLONE and JOHN TRAVOLTA at the premiere of “Battlefield Earth.”

– Craig Zablo

[May 20, 2000)

Stallone Home: First Look

The May 22, 2000 issue of People contains the following picture and article. Thanks to ERNEST “Jazzman” RESENDES for the “heads-up.”

On TV: Home Stallone

What does it take to get a celebrity couple to open their house to the public? In the case of SYLVESTER STALLONE and JENNIFER FLAVIN, whose Beverly Hills place was the scene of a guided tour televised for Home Shopping Networks viewers May 6, it was a cause close to home, as FLAVIN sold skin-care products and a percentage of the proceeds went to heart research. Their daughter SOPHIA ROSE, who turns 4 in August, was born with a ventricular septal defect, a congenital heart defect.

She’s fine thanks to surgery when she was 10 weeks old, but the STALLONES think more people, particularly new parents, need to be more aware of the ailment. “At first,” says FLAVIN, 31, “you think your baby’s a little fussy or maybe has colic. SOPHIA wouldn’t lie down; she would vomit constantly. She wasn’t gaining weight. But you never think that your child has a hole in it’s heart.”

After SOPHIA‘s condition was diagnosed, FLAVIN researched the problem and held fundraisers for the Heart of a Child Foundation, which supports heart-defect research.

SOPHIA, fully recovered is “the most energetic child I’ve ever seen, a whirling dervish,” says STALLONE. She is going to be fine, but says SLY, “a lot of people don’t know about congenital heart disease. We have to bang the drum loudly; and hopefully people will rally to the cause. We want to raise awareness.”

– Craig Zablo

[May 20, 2000]

Stallone #1 Big Deal

The Spring 2000 issue (#540) of Entertainment Weekly contains two caracatures and tidbits about SLY. The following is the second item.

(Artwork removed at the request of representatives of Roberto Parada)

DANIEL FIERMAN in an article titled “BIG DEALS” (with an illustration by ROBERTO PARADA), gives a “rundown of some significant deals that earned creative types a bigger slice of the pie.”

The #1 “big deal” is:
* The Date: August 1995
* The Deal: One week after RON MEYER leaves the Creative Artists Agency to become president of MCA – then the parent company of Universal Pictures – he signs former client SYLVESTER STALLONE to a first-look, three picture deal worth $60 million. The pact would make the international star the second confirmed member of the $20 million club (after JIM CARREY), marking his highest potential per-picture paycheck to date, despite the recent box office disappointment of the $34.7 million grossing Judge Dredd.
* The Aftermath: Not pretty. After flirting with a long list of projects, the actor completed no pictures and received no payment from the deal, which expired in February 2000.

What the article doesn’t emphasize is that SLY was the first actor to be signed to a three picture deal for $20 million per picture. JIM CARREY‘S deal was for one movie!

– Craig Zablo
[May 20, 2000]

Stallone Quote Me

The Spring 2000 issue (#540) of Entertainment Weekly contains two caracatures and tidbits about SLY. The following is the first item.


“I had a couple of scenes where the wind was so cold, my face was swollen shut. I couldn’t articulate – and I don’t articulate that well anyway.”

My feeling is that “Get Carter” may surpass the success of “Cliffhanger.”

– Craig Zablo
[May 20, 2000]

Sly Ready for “Rocky VI” Part II

The picture above and the article that follows appears in the May 19, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

In the right corner, fading action hero SYLVESTER STALLONE! In the left corner, intrigued but apparently wary studio MGM! The subject of their current scuffle? “Rocky VI.” You read right: Six!

Stallone tells EW he’s penned yet another script about everyone’s marble-mouthed meat pulverizer. An exec at MGM – which owns the 24-year-old franchise – says that the studio is “excited” to see the pages (despite Rocky V‘s relatively weak $41 million box office). But the star refuses to show MGM anything until it boosts its proposed $10 million budget. “We need at least $20 or $22 million,” says Stallone. “I mean, you gotta pay (Rocky‘s wife) TALIA SHIRE something.”

So what’s in those closely guarded pages? The movie – which STALLONE imagines as a grittier, “Raging Bull”-type epic – finds the boxer, aging and broke, reentering the ring to raise money for a Christian youth association. “I’ve tried to emulate a few things in reality, such as the GEORGE FOREMAN story,” says STALLONE, noting, that like the real-life boxer who retired at 48 after a conteroversial ’97 defeat, Rocky is “probably going to lose.”

The 53-year-old actor wants to shoot VI pronto. “It’s already been ten years since “Rocky V,” says STALLONE. “What are you going to do, wait 20 years? It’s now or never.” Oh, but think of the dialogue: “Yo, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” – William Keck

Let’s hope that SLY and MGM reach an agreement and the movie is made. Rocky needs a better send-off than “V” provided.
– Craig Zablo

[May 11. 2000]

Sly Ready for “Rocky VI”

On May 11th Entertainment Weekly OnLine ran a piece by WILLIAM KECK which quoted SYLVESTER STALLONE as saying that he’s finished a script for “Rocky VI” and would like to begin work on it as soon as he’s finished filming “Champs.” The only hold up at this point is whether or not MGM is willing to greenlight the film at the budget STALLONE needs ($22 million). SLY wants to do the film soon noting that “It’s already been ten years since Rocky V. It’s now or never.”

The news that SLY himself was talking about making a sixth “Rocky” also appeared at Cinescape, Ain’t It Cool News, and Dark Horizons.

As it stands now we know for certain that SLY wants to do a sixth “Rocky.” MGM was already interested. SLY and MGM should be able to reach an agreement on the budget. Twentytwo million doesn’t seem unreasonable, especially consider ing that “Rocky V” made $41 million (the lowest of amount in the series), and that was in 1991 dollars!

– Craig Zablo
[May 11. 2000]
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