Sly’s Chaos Watch for Montegrappa

On October 29, 2014, Classic Driver posted Horological Horrors: Watches to be Seen Dead with at Halloween.   Chaos, the watch Sly designed for Montegrappa was featured and here’s what they had to say…

The 101-year-old Italian firm of Montegrappa is best known for its pens, but it makes watches, too. Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone is famed for his action hero roles and less well known for his design skills – yet Montegrappa gave him carte blanche to create a limited-edition watch called the ‘Chaos’, to go with the Chaos pen he commissioned for use in the first Expendables movie. Those with a taste for the Gothic will appreciate the skull and entwined snakes that make up the case of the watch, silver versions of which cost around £3,500.

Sly Stallone Creates “Chaos”

That very cool pen is called the “Chaos” and was designed by Sly with inspiration from his movie “The Ependables.”  The “Chaos” will be available in a limited edition of 1,000 fountain pens and 912 roller balls.  There will also be an additional 100 fountain pens and 100 roller balls in solid 18K gold.  An even more expensive edition of 10 fountain pens and 10 roller balls will be in solid 18K gold with precious stones will be available.

You can read more about the pen at: