I was so impressed by this drawing that I contacted the artist, Murray Postell, to compliment him and ask for permission to reprint his rendition of ROCKY BALBOA on the STALLONE ZONE. I quickly received a gracious reply.

 The SYLVESTER STALLONE piece is an 11X14 pen and ink reproduction, done on acid- free paper. (Please remember that the scan can not do justice to the fine line work and craftsmanship of Mr. Postell.)

Murray Postell has been a professional cartoonist, illustrator and portrait artist for 54 years. Mr. Postell's pen and ink drawing of the president of RCA was used to initiate the first commercial high-speed, high resolution facsimile (fax) between nations in 1978! Mr. Postell has painted some of the most famous people in the country. A painting that he did of Frank Sinatra, which was to be presented to Mr. Sinatra by one of his friends in 1978, was appraised at a price range of $25,000 in 1995!

Mr. Postell currently has at least 60 pen and ink drawings that will be posted on eBay in the future. Each print purchased is hand-signed and dated by Mr. Postell. These high quality prints include movie and rock stars, as well entertainers starting from the 1930's. The following are just a sample of the stars available: Humphrey Bogart, John Wayne, Jimmi Hendrix, The Three Stooges, Jimmy Cagney, Abbott & Costello. Prices begin at $15.00. If you would like to see the prints available now, please click |HERE|.

In addition Mr. Postell can also, overlay each pen and ink with pastel colors, so that you can have a one and only original painting for an additional price. All of his work is guaranteed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Postell at: If you do contact Mr. Postell to buy a print or to simply let him know how much you appreciated him sharing his art, please tell him the STALLONE ZONE sent you!

(August 01, 2000)