Expendables 3 News for the Week…

Here is our Expendables 3 News for the Week…


SZ Exclusive Report: “Expendables 3” Premiere by Patrick.F from France

The gentleman in the photo above is Patrick.F from Chelles (77 district of Paris). Patrick provides us with an exclusive report and photos of his trip to the French Premiere of Expendables 3!

Dear Craig,

Here are some exclusive pictures of the French Premiere of “The Expendables 3”, taken, at the “Champs-Elysées”, in Paris. But, let me tell you how the journey was.

First of all, I had the privilege to visit the “suite” where the actors were supposed to come 1 hour after, but not seeing them, due to personal & safety reasons. Then I took some pictures of Jennifer Flavin and her daughters.

In the afternoon, I was at the Red Carpet, of the Cinema, with the Crowd, the French Tv Medias, and big banners, everywhere.


Then the actors arrived, Sylvester Stallone first, Jason Statham, Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, and Kellan Lutz.

I took some pictures of them, pretty good, I think.

As I have many things on sly and the other ones, because I attended all the French Premiere since Rocky Balboa in 2007, and contributed at the time to its release, I decided to call Mr Avi LERNER, who was surprised to be asked for an autograph, and the funny thing, is that he signed many of them, with my pen, after and people, didn’t know, who he was, then ask to me.

Maybe, I will leave France with my Wife and our Two Children to live, in Italy, as I am, half Italian, so, it was, my last chance to see them, and I wanted to share with the community some pictures with all due respect to your members, and to you Craig, also, who have been always very nice with me and so gentle, since many years, even if I am not part of your forum.

I hope, you will all enjoy this, because, it is my last Premiere, so take care of yourselves.

Your Website, has always been a reference to me, since more than 10 years now, almost 15, in fact, and you have done, a TREMENDOUS JOB, since, I discovered, it.

I am actually, living in the suburbs of Paris, in a city called Chelles (77 district of Paris), at 20mins from the Capital, but many projects are going on, so, that’s why, it will be my last participation, to Stallone’s Premiere.

So, please, keep going, for the interesting fans, they deserve it.



Mr Patrick.F

P.S: By the way, they gave to me, at the end, the one with Harrisson Ford banner, but smaller and enough larger to put on a wall, like people do so, but not me, I am still a collectionner, and I am focused on My Family.

Thanks to Patrick for sharing his very cool trip to The Expendables 3 premiere and behind the scenes report!  –  Craig

This Week’s News About “Expendables 3″…

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“Expendables 3” News for the Week

Expendables 3 News for the Week



“Expendables 3” News for the Week

 Here’s your Expendables 3 News for the Week


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