Ringo’s Rocky

Mike Wieringo is one of the nicest and most talented artists you could ever meet. Soft spoken and humble, but oh man, what an artist!

Mike did this drawing of Rocky Balboa for his blog [which I read daily and suggest you do as well]. Mike knew about my Stallone art collection and told me it was mine for the asking when I commented about it.

Check out Mike’s Blog when you have some time to spend. You’ll be amazed and impressed with the amount that he’s posted [but his insightful comments will also be part of what brings you back]. – Craig

Ringo’s Jack Carter

Mike Wieringo’s drawing of Jack Carter is one of my favorite pieces from this year’s Heroes Con. I not only love the look and attitude of the piece, but I was able to watch Mike sketch it!

Mike was selling his latest sketch book and if you bought a copy, Mike threw in a head sketch for free! Talk about a great deal. I was worried that because Stallone isn’t a character that Mike had drawn repeatedly, it might be more difficult and therefore he might decline my request. Boy, was I wrong. Mike proceeded to sketch it out in no time and like I said, he really captured the look and attitude of Sly as Jack Carter.

In my previous post, I suggested you check out Mike’s Blog. I should have remembered to tell you about where you can buy Mike Wieringo original art. Now you have all the facts and links you need. Enjoy!

Rocky by Andy Smith

My buddy, Andy Smith whipped up this cool rendition of Rocky Balboa. Andy is mostly known for his penciling and inking work for DC and Cross Gen comics. But I like to tell people is that when it comes to dynamic drawing, Andy wrote the book. You see, he truly did. Really! You can check it out HERE! You can also check out Andy’s site by clicking HERE. – Craig

Rocky Balboa by Andrew Robinson

Rocky Balboa by Andrew Robinson. Andrew Robinson is an artist’s artist. When he starts to draw or paint, other artists gather round. I met Andrew years ago through my good buddy, John Beatty. It was obvious then how much talent Andrew possessed… and he just keeps getting better and better. Andrew will have an art book coming out soon. Save some coin, because it’s a “must have” item. Until then, here’s a link to his site to hold you over!

Murray Postell Draws Rocky Too!

Murray Postell has been a professional cartoonist, illustrator and portrait artist for 50+ years. Mr. Postell‘s pen and ink drawing of the president of RCA was used to initiate the first commercial high-speed, high resolution fax between nations in 1978! Mr. Postell has painted some of the most famous people in the country. A painting that he did of Frank Sinatra was appraised at a price range of $25,000 in 1995!

Mr. Postell currently sells prints and orginal art from his website. Each piece purchased is hand-signed and dated by Mr. Postell. Prices begin at $15.00. All of his work is guaranteed.

If you contact Mr. Postell to buy a print or to simply let him know how much you appreciated him sharing his art, please tell him the STALLONE ZONE sent you!

– Craig Zablo (August 1, 2000)

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