Sly & Berlin Mayor


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Berlin Mayor Klaus Wowereit (L) jokes with U.S. actor Sylvester Stallone during a reception at the town hall in this February 3, 2004 file photo. Some on the left think Wowereit might be the best hope to give the SPD a lift in the way Barack Obama’s historic candidacy has helped boost the U.S. Democrats. Wowereit is the most popular elected leader in the SPD and the party’s most charismatic national figure.

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Loaded Legends

The September 2004 issue of the men’s magazine LOADED: ‘The Nude Issue,’ has a page dedicated to Sly Stallone. It’s called…

Every month we celebrate mankind’s crème dela menthe, the fellas who’ve truly made a difference.

Some excerpts…

‘ What everyone does acknowledge, however, is Stallone’s masterfully realistic performance as the dim– witted slugger.’

‘Sly is a hero for the people no matter what kind of justice he’s administering.’


Thanks, Jazz! – Craig

Gallo Praises Sly

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes sent in the following report:

The September 3, 2004 issue of the Boston Phoenix has a nice piece on artist, actor, musician, director Vincent Gallo whose new movie The Brown Bunny has been generating enthusiastic buzz among art house film fans: which was directed, written, photographed, edited and produced by Vincent.

Anyway, the article includes some questions and answers with Vincent and one powerful quote in particular really got me excited. It’s always great to read fellow actor/artists going on record with admiration of some of Stallone’s many underrated performances.

Here’s what Mr. Gallo had to say:

“Sylvester Stallone in the Lords of Flatbush, if I could do half of that performance in my life, my life would have been worthwhile.”

That’s a great quote! – Craig

Sly Gets Physical

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes checks in with info that Sly is on the cover and a feature story story in the September 2004 issue of Physical.

Jazz sent in the mag cover pic as well as these excerpts:

Stallone is proud of an honor he received from bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider for his “Rambo II” physique. Hanging on the wall in Sly’s opulent mansion is a modest plaque from Weider that proclaims Stallone’s physique from that movie as the best cinematic body of the ‘ 80s. And, remember, Weider is the guy who brought Arnold over from Austria. “I was impressed that he would think of me so highly in the bodybuilding world,” says Stallone.
“My first few screenplays were horrible, ” he says. ” But at least I got through them. That’s the lesson. You fail your first five times, but the mere fact that you completed the journey, that’s the win. You know that you can sit at a desk, whether it’s two weeks or six months. You know you can do it. ”

Among the choice pieces hanging on the actor’s walls is one by the late British contemporary master Francis Bacon, with the personal inscription by the artist to Stallone –a remarkable tribute.

This is an era when dimpled, doe-eyed pipsqueaks from boy bands can become generation’s sex symbols. Is it any wonder why so many lament: ” Where have all the real men gone?” Then in walks Sylvester Stallone and order is restored.

Thanks, Jazz! – Craig

Sly Pumps Up Muscle & Fitness

Ernest Jazzman Resendes sent in the following:

The latest issue of Muscle of Fitness (September2004) has Sly Stallone on the cover !! Here’s a couple of pics an excerpts…

Sly is holding steady at a chiseled 196 pounds, 4 %-7% bodyfat. ”

“Society may step aside and let youth be served. I say they’ve got to move you out of the way first. “

“Over the years my biggest flaw was overtraining. In the gym six days a week, doing more sit ups at night…my body was in a constant state of breakdown. ” Now I focus on variety of exercises, working out three times a week for 90 minutes per session.

Oh, one of the coolest quotes in the Muscle and Fitness

…That something will be revealed in depth in the coming months, as he takes the lesson he’s learned over the years and puts them to paper…

“It’ll be a retrospective of how I’ve trained, “he says of a book he has in the works.”



Thanks to Jazz for the scans and quotes! – Craig

POW – “Get Carter”

Here’s Sly as one of my favorite characters, Jack Carter!

– Craig

PS – Sorry the update is just POW and a bit late at this point, but my area was hit by Hurricane Charlie.
I was manning a shelter for 24 hours straight and then without power for three days… but not even a hurricanecan keep us down for long! I’ll be back with more updates as the week goes on.

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