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“Avenging Angelo” Update from Director Martyn Burke

From Dark Horizons: MARTYN BURKE, director of “Avenging Angelo,” is quoted…

“Just got back from Toronto where they’re setting up locations for the film which will star among others, SYLVESTER STALLONE and probably ANDY GARCIA, ANTHONY QUINN and a leading lady who they’re still in the process of casting. Right now they’re leaning toward MADELINE STOWE. It was a real departure for STALLONE – which was the reason it appealed to me. Shooting begins in late Feb and then moves to Sicily for a couple of weeks to finish in May.”

Sly Stallone & ‘NSync at Planet Hollywood Opening!

In the November 24, 2000 issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an piece entitled “Rad Planet” by Dara Resnik. The article covers the opening of the new Times Square Planet Hollywood. In addition to the picture above, you can also see photos of BRUCE WILLIS, BEN AFFLECK and others who attended the premiere!

– Craig Zablo (November 18, 2000)

Sly Photo Spread in Arena Magazine!

The following pictures by David LaChappelle appear in the
November 2000 issue of Arena Magazine. In addition to the
photos an interview with Sly conducted by Tim Struby
also appears. The mag may be hard to find but is definitely
worth the effort!
Special Thanks to John “Big” Beatty and Mike Zeck
for their assist in making this ARENA GALLERY possible.

“Avenging Angelo” is Next for Sly

According to a story in The Hollywood Reporter by Cathy Dunkley and Zorianna Kit, Sly Stallone has agreed to star in “Avenging Angelo” which is described as a dark comedy. Negotiations are on-going to get Martin Burke to direct.

The screenplay was written by Will Aldis and Steve Mackall, and concerns the daughter of a man recently murdered who turns out to be a mafia crime boss. The woman, who the assistance of her father’s bodyguard (Stallone) seek revenge on those that killed her father.

No other cast members or a start date have been announced.


In the October 23, 2000, issue of People the picture above (much larger in the magazine) appears in an the SCOOP section. Sly also is quoted in the article which explores violence in movies. Pictures and quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan also appear. (Thanks to Andrew for the heads-up.)
– Craig Zablo (October 22, 2000)


Sly makes two appearances (well sort of) in the November issue of Movieline. He first appears in the picture to the left (reprinted much larger) with Jen at the Battlefield Earth premiere.

Sly also shows up in the 96th spot on the HOLLYWOOD 100 MOST LIST (as the “most egriegiously overpaid”).

Things could be worse since he was not considered:

* Most Likely to Scare a Psychiatrist (Angelina Jolie)

* Most Consistent Sellout (Robert DeNiro)

* Most Permanently in Midlife Crisis (Billy Bob Thornton)

* Most In Need of a Hit (Kevin Costner)

* Most… well, you get the idea!


-Craig Zablo (October 22, 2000)