Sly Stallone is One “Driven” Guy

In the StarPeople section of STAR: SLY STALLONE is one driven guy, all right! He plays a race car driver in his new flick “Driven” and he insists on doing all his own stunts, including driving at speeds over 190 miles per hour. Studio heads have their fingers crossed that the daredevil doesn’t break his neck while the film is being shot. Luckily, SLY has the good sense NOT to do his own crash scenes. He’s leaving those to a body double.”

“Diner to the Stars”

US Weekly has a tidbit called “Diner to the Stars” in the Hot Stuff section. The piece is accompanied by very small pics of SLY, MEL GIBSON, DARYL HANNAH and LEONARDO DICAPRIO. Apparently the above named celebs have all been seen eating at a diner called Roni’s on Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills.

New Stallone Art by Murray Postell

Murray Postell has been a professional cartoonist, illustrator and portrait artist for 50+ years. Mr. Postell‘s pen and ink drawing of the president of RCA was used to initiate the first commercial high-speed, high resolution fax between nations in 1978! Mr. Postell has painted some of the most famous people in the country. A painting that he did of Frank Sinatra was appraised at a price range of $25,000 in 1995!

Mr. Postell currently sells prints and original art from his website. Each piece purchased is hand-signed and dated by Mr. Postell. Prices begin at $15.00. All of his work is guaranteed.

If you contact Mr. Postell to buy a print or to simply let him know how much you appreciated him sharing his art, please tell him the STALLONE ZONE sent you!

– Craig Zablo (September 2, 2000)

A Sly Business Plan

The September 5, 2000, issue of Star has the following item in the Janet Charlton StarPeople section:

SYLVESTER STALLONE is so impressed with the millions his wife JENNIFER FLAVIN has made selling her skin-care line on the Home Shopping Network that he wants a piece of the action. SLY‘s teaming up with the beauty to launch a line of personal grooming products for guys. SLY, 54, looks good for his age and he figures plenty of men will want to know his secrets. He’s busy working on the products with JENNIFER. [Could we soon see “Eau de Rambo” or Rocky‘s post-fight apricot facial scrub?] But SLY still hasn’t made his mind up about whether he’ll appear on TV with his wife. She wants him to, but he’s afraid it would be a bad career move.

– Craig Zablo (August 28, 2000)

Stallone and Schwarzenegger Planning a Project Together!
 posted an item today from the L.A. Times saying that : SLY and ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER have been talking about working on a project together. ARNOLD wants an all-star ensemble cast movie, ala “The Great Escape.” SLY is said to prefer that they appear as adversaries. It’s further reported that it all comes down to when the two agree on a script for the project.

Stallone: “I love my toughest role ever – dad.”

SLY STALLONE slugged his way to fame as Rocky and Rambo… but these days he prefers mixing it up with Barney the purple dinosaur. That’s because he loves his most challenging role ever – doting dad to Sistine, 2, and Sophia, 3.

So begins an “exculsive Enquirer interview” by Beverly Williston which appears in the August 22, 2000 issue of The National Enquirer. The one page article contains 4 pictures (the one above, Sly’s Beverly Hills Mansion, Sistine riding in a stoller, and Sly with Sophia).

Also included in the interview is this fast fact: “Stallone recently paid $500,000 for a new Mercedes with a Formula One race-car engine that propels it up to 200 m.p.h.

The issue is on stands now and the article alone is well worth the price of the issue.

– Craig Zablo (August 20, 2000)

Sly & Jen: Exclusive StalloneZone Candid

Laszlo Holl sent in the following candid of SLYJENNIFER, and his wife Helena with the following e-mail: “I am Hungarian engineer, my wife is Russain opera singer. ( We have been living in Canada for one year. I took this picture on University Avenue in downtown Toronto on August 22, 2000.

Thanks to Lazlo for sharing! – Craig Zablo

Stallone in the Stroller Derby

Stoller derby: SYLVESTER STALLONE and wife JENNIFER FLAVIN took daughters SOPHIA, 3 (left) and SISTINE, 2 , for a spin in Toronto, where STALLONE is enjoying plenty of time behind the wheel while shooting “Champs,” about a fading race-car driver returning to the circuit after a car wreck.

The above picture and caption appears in the August 21st issue of People magazine. (Thanks to StallonerG for the tip!). The same picture also appears in The Globe which is also on stands now.

– Craig Zablo (August 20, 2000)

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