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Robert Rodriguez Talks Up Sly Stallone in “The Director’s Chair”

Robert Rodriguez is a true Sylvester Stallone fan.  Recently Sly sat down with Rodriguez for an episode of The Director’s Chair and…

Rodriguez was so impressed with Stallone’s insight and honestly that he wanted to make the episode available for free to everyone. You can watch it on the show’s Facebook Page

Capone from Ain’t It Cool News had a chance to interview Rodriguez about Sly’s appearance on The Director’s Chair and their interview should be required reading for anyone who checks in here.

Stallone Selfie Goes Viral

The photo above went viral this week.  Peter Rowe, Jacob Kerstan and Andrew Wright are college buddies who ran up the famous “Rocky” steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  When they reached the top they were stunned to find Sylvester Stallone there.  Sly joked with them and agreed to pose for a selfie and the rest is history…

And many other sites…

Sly Drawing 4th Blood?

Robert Sanchez from The Movie posted this on January 6th:

Sly Stallone and his brother Frank showed up at last nights VW shindig and we had to ask what was going on with these two [Rocky and RamboCraig] long rumored projects. To my surprise Stallone mentioned that he had meetings that same day regarding Rambo and that both projects are in the works.

For the full report click HERE.

Thanks to Jamie Eade for the tip! – Craig

Sly Plans “Rocky Balboa” Filming at Taylor-Hopkins Championship Fight!

Friday, Dec. 2, 2005, Sly Stallone made an appearance at the weigh-in for the Jermain Taylor-Bernard Hopkins middleweight championship bout in Las Vegas. Sly interacted with fans and signed autographs. Sly will film some crowd scenes for Rocky Balboa during the fight card. – Craig

Stallone is filming scenes for ‘Rocky Balboa’ around the Hopkins-Taylor rematch.

Rambo: Pride and Scorn

The December 2, 2005, issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an article titled “Hollywood Pulls the Trigger” by Benjamin Svetkey which looks at how Hollywood deals with controversial subjects. Here’s what it says about Rambo:

Rambo: First Blood Part II [1985Stallone‘s veiny mercenary drew both pride and scorn as the ultimate representation of the Reagan-era global machismo.

More Praise for Sly, “Rocky” & “Rocky III”

The November 25th issue of Entertainment Weekly contains an article rating the top 30 sports movie dvds and stars.

Sly Stallone, Rocky and Rocky III all earned top spots.

Here’s what they had to say:

4. Rocky [PG, 119 mins., 1976; MGM]
HERE’S WHY: Hard enough to take a 15-round beating from Apollo Creed [Carl Weathers], soft enough to give Adrian [Talia Shire] the bed the night before the big fight, the Philly southpaw is more character than most. With one shot to prove he’s not just another bum from the hood, Sylvester Stallone faces the champ and does the unthinkable, by Hollywood standards: He loses. But wins our hearts by going the distance [and remembering Adrian’s hat].
DID YOU KNOW? The Italian Stallion’s blow-by-blow of the bout weighed in at 32 pages. EXTRAS The 2001 special edition features commentaries detailing every decision made in the making of this Best Picture.
FINAL SCORE:  We’d all like to eat lightning and crap thunder for Mickey [Burgess Meredith]. – Mandi Bierly

24. Rocky III [PG, 100 mins., 1982; MGM]
HERE’S WHY: Because it perfected the formula. Why have one nigh-invulnerable black heavyweight when you can have two? Why have one viscerally adrenalized fight when you can have three? The story of the Italian Stallion’s defeat at the hands of and subsequent victory over Clubber Lang – the only actually scary performance of Mr. T’s career – packs all the inspirational triumph you look for in a Rocky flick [and a touch of casual racism that you don’t], but Rocky III‘s true gift to sports cinema is the anatomically fetishized, borderline homoerotic training sequence. That, and “The Eye of the Tiger.
EXTRAS:  We pity the DVD fools who included nothing but a measly trailer. If we find them, our prediction for the encounter? Pain.
FINAL SCORE: Twenty notches below the first Rocky on our list, but the most fun installment in the whole series. – Marc Bernardin

SYLVESTER STALLONE Rocky [1976] Rocky Balboa may be an outclassed palooka, but he has the heart of a champ, a virtue that Stallone portrays so convincingly that he transformed his Philly underdog into an indellible and enduring pop-culture hero. [See #4]

– The pic above is different than the one with the article. – Craig

“Victory” is #1

The soccer website recently conducted a poll in which 4000 soccer fans picked their favorite soccer movie of all time.

As you probably guessed, Victory starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and Pele scored the top spot.

The top 10 soccer movies are:

1. Victory (1981)
2. Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
3. Fever Pitch (1997)
4. When Saturday Comes (1996)
5. Gregory’s Girl (1981)
6. Mike Bassett: England Manager (2001)
7. Mean Machine (2001)
8. The Football Factory (2004)
9. ID (1995)
10. Goal! (2005)

– Craig