The Expendables 2 Treaser Trailer Hits

If you don’t like this trailer for The Expendables 2, then turn in your man card.

“Rocky” Musical Moves Forward

On June 1, 2011, Patrick Healy, in the New York Times, wrote a piece titled, “Gonna Fly Soon: A ‘Rocky’ Musical is Moving Forward.”   Here are a few tidbits:

  •  The creators and producers, which include “Rocky” star and screenwriter Sylvester Stallone, held a private reading of the work in New York in April, according to Mr. Meehan and a member of the producing team, Barbara Darwall.
  • … they described the reading as creatively successful and said work was continuing toward the goal of mounting the musical in Germany in the fall of 2012 — and then, they hope, bringing “Rocky” to Broadway in the spring of 2013.
  • The project began about eight years ago, Mr. Meehan said, when Mr. Stallone called him about making a musical of “Rocky.” Mr. Stallone holds the rights to the story, Mr. Meehan and Ms. Darwall said.
  • He [Mr. Meehan] described the show as a small-orchestra, small-cast production, with about five principal characters and a plot that tracked closely to the first “Rocky” movie. He added that Mr. Stallone was an artistic partner and producer, not a potential cast member.

Of course other sites picked up the news…

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Hennie Blaauw’s Barney Ross

Long time SZoner, Hennie Blaauw sent in the piece above with this e-mail:

Hi there,
Looong time hey… Just thought I’d send you something I did in my free time at the studio…should animate it one of these days..hehe.
Keep well, thanks for a rocking site!


Hennie Blaauw
Thanks to Hennie for sharing his talents.  And, yes, we’d love to see it animated! – Craig


Smilin’ Jack Ruby (gotta love that name!) posted a very positive review of the script for “Dolan’s Cadillac” over at Jack had some very interesting things to say…

  • “I had the opportunity to read the script and not being ABKing (SZ regular Andrew! – Craig Zablo), I am skeptical of all things Sly Stallone. Well, this role is tailor-made for him.”
  • “He’s the ultimate heavy, the kingpin of Las Vegas organized crime and the guy who runs the Mandarin Casino, which rises high over the strip.”
  • “I have read the script and it’s pretty interesting. You wouldn’t think it, but it actually combines some elements of The Shawshank Redemption into a revenge thriller, though this story never tries to get to that level. It’s a revenge pic, pure and simple.”
  • “If you read the short story, you’ll find out what this big revenge thing is. Needless to say, it is something incredibly cinematic that makes me really, REALLY want to see this movie.”
  • “Kevin Bacon as Tom is perfect casting…”
  • “I’m sure this will turn into a project with a lot of good actors as the parts are well written.”
  • “I have to hand it to Sandy Title and Jonathan Penner, this is an adaptation I want to see…”
  • “It is well-cast, well-written… really keeps the tone of Stephen King intact in the script.”

To read the complete review, click |HERE|. – Craig Zablo (February 18, 2001)

SZ Exclusive: Sly at “Driven” Premiere

Chris Heathcoat is a longtime SYLVESTER STALLONE fan and StalloneZone “regular.” Chris was lucky enough to attend the “Driven” premiere and generous enough to share his pics with us [Chris did the same for the “Get Carter” premiere], and had this to say:


Not requesting that it is a must, but if there is anything printed about my feeling about the clearest shot of SLY, as I look at it in my 22 years of experience with him it is this…

…From Fans to Critics, many people look at this man and think of his movies repeating a few quotes from his characters that fascinate them. I however see a man who kept me away form temporary highs and gave me one thrill film a year from 1979 (Rocky II) to 2001 (Driven) and when I see this picture I see a man who proves dreams do come true. Thank you SYLVESTER STALLONE!”

Christopher E. Heathcoat

And thank you, Chris!
– Craig Zablo

Sly: The Difference is Night and Day

SLY appears twice in the April 17, 2001 issue of the National Enquirer. He first appears in the two pictures above in a piece that looks at how differently celebrities dress during the day and at night. SLY makes another appearance later in the magazine [in a small picture] in an article about TOM CRUISE and NICOLE KIDMAN.
– Craig Zablo