Sam Hiti’s Rambo Art

Longtime  SZoners  probably  remember  when  I first linked to Sami Hiti’s Rambo drawings. Two of them, along  with some of Sam’s other drawings, are now available on e-bay. Click HERE to see what’s available!

Sam  Hiti  is  the  Xeric  Award-Winning  creator  of  the critically acclaimed Tiempos Finales graphic novel (optioned  as a film by Universal Studios/Focus Films).  Sam is currently hard at work finishing up his next book Death-Day.  Sam has also illustrated the Official Comic Book Adaptation for A Series of  Unfortunate  Events Movie  from  Nickelodeon,  a  Nike  comic  project,  worked  with  and  created illustrations for the New York Times,  Disney Magazine and his creator owned work, Gallows Noose, Phenoms, and Long Dark Train! His latest work Ghoulash, shows some of his best sketches to date!

Hopefully a lucky SZoner will end up with one of them! Below is my piece by Sam! – Craig

“Rocky Balboa” Trading Cards and Early Showing Info

I  first  met  Miguel  Insignares a few years ago at a comic book convention. He was promoting work that he’d done for the “Dawn of the Dead remake. Miguel was very approachable and cool. So when I found out  that  Miguel was behind the “Rocky” limited edition card set, I was thrilled. I knew they’d picked the right guy for the job. I just received an e-mail from Miguel and SZoners are going to love this… especially if they live within driving distance of Tampa.

Hello Craig,

Hope all is well. We are very excited about our upcoming Rocky Balboa trading cards and to celebrate we want  to invite  you  and  fellow StalloneZoners to a FREE Rocky Balboa Sneak Preview Wednesday, Dec. 13th  at  7:30PM  in  Tampa!! They MUST call our satellite office 813-832-1717 to reserve their free passes! (This  is  a  limited  time  offer and available while they last, one two-person ticket per call.) Tickets will be available for pick-up beginning Monday, December 11th at 9 AM.

In  addition,  we  will  have a look-alike contest!! — Come dressed up as ANY Rocky character from any of the movies and you will be eligible for cool prizes!!

Check out our website, register for our newsletter, and call for more info!

Hope to see you all there!

-Miguel A. Insignares

Click on the photo above for easier reading!  Thanks to Miguel for the update! I can’t wait to see the cards! – Craig

Rocky: The Ultimate Guide

Hi Craig,

My name is Bess Braswell, and I work in marketing at DK Publishing. I recently noticed that you have Rocky: The Ultimate Guide up on, which is fantastic! Thank you very much! We’ve changed the cover from the version on your site, so I’ve attached the final cover.

Thanks again for showing the book – you have a fantastic site!

Best wishes,
DK Publishing

Rocky: The Ultimate Guide. Jam-packed with over 1,000 stills and digitally remastered photos bringing together moments from the original “Rocky” through the first five films as well as details on the final installment, “Rocky Balboa.”

Honoring the thirtieth anniversary of the original Rocky film, as well as the Winter 2006 release of Rocky Balboa, a definitive reference to all six films in the blockbuster series features more than one thousand stills and digitally re-mastered pictures, as well as plot information, cast and character profiles, accounts of Rocky’s most famous fights, and more. (An MGM/Sony Pictures film, written & directed by Sylvester Stallone, releasing Winter 2006, starring Sylvester Stallone)

To Pre-Order the Hardback click HERE

Paperback Orders can click HERE

– Craig

“Rocky Balboa” Soundtrack

Available December 26, 2006, the soundtrack for “Rocky Balboa” will consist of the following tracks:

1. Gonna Fly Now- Bill Conti
2. Eye Of The Tiger- Survivor
3. Going The Distance- Bill Conti
4. Living In America- James Brown
5. Redemption- Bill Conti
6. Conquest- Bill Conti
7. Burning Heart- Survivor
8. Alone In the Ring- Bill Conti
9. Overture- Bill Conti
10. Mickey- Bill Conti
11. Hearts On Fire- John Cafferty
12. Rocky’s Reward- Bill Conti
13. Adrian- Bill Conti
14. No Easy Way Out- John Tepper
15. Fanfare For Rocky- Bill Conti
16. It’s A Fight- Three 6 Mafia
17. Gonna Fly Now (Remix)- Bill Conti (remix by John X)

Pre-orders are available HERE. We greatly appreciate those SZoners who order through StalloneZone links!  Craig

Always in His Corner

Paulie [BURT YOUNG] tries to offer Rocky [SYLVESTER STALLONE] sage advice in between rounds when the final round of the Academy Award-winning Rocky franchise hits theatres on December 20, 2006. Written and directed by SYLVESTER STALLONE.
-Craig Zablo

For a larger version of this picture click HERE!

Photo by: John Bramley

2006 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries Inc., and Revolution Studios Distribution Company, LLC

And now as an added bonus, some interview questions and answers from Sly!

QUESTION: Can you talk about the legacy of “Rocky” and the influence it’s had.

SYLVESTER STALLONE: Well, you know, the legacy… I never thought would ever end up being a legacy. But I guess what has come out of it is that it’s a pretty universal dream to, to try to rise up and take your best shot at life. And you may not totally be successful but at least you made an out, you’ve had the chance. You’ve had the opportunity and I think that’s the biggest frustration a lot of people have in their own lives is never getting a shot, you know.