Natasha Bedingfield & “Rocky Balboa” Theme


Natasha Bedingfield & “Rocky Balboa” Theme

 SZonerAlain from France e-mailed to say that British singer Natasha Bedingfield “has been personally asked by Sly to perform the theme tune for his new Rocky movie.” According to reports Sly met Natasha at a LA party and asked her to perform the song “Still Here” for the “Rocky Balboa” soundtrack.Click HERE for the full report– Craig

“Rocky” Statue Going Back Home?

Mike Klein’s August 13, 2006 column in the Philadelphia Inquirer has this update on the Rocky statue:

Looks like the fight over the location of the Rocky statue is headed for the final round, and the populist pugilist is poised to prevail by TKO.

Supporters of the statue, which Sylvester Stallone gave to the city in 1982, want it placed on the outskirts of the Art Museum steps, which Stallone made famous.

Some bluenoses on the city Art Commission, meanwhile, sniff that the piece is not art. (Look up the work of some commission members and decide for yourself whether that’s art.)

The statue’s chances looked dim as recently as Wednesday, when a commission review committee deadlocked, 3-3, on the site plan. City Public Property Commissioner Joan Schlotterbeck, who favors it, withdrew the application before it went to the full commission, which has shot it down twice before.

But I hear that through gentle arm-twisting, the full commission likely has the votes to approve the location, and a decision might come down before the next scheduled commission meeting Sept. 6. “We’re very hopeful,” Commerce Director Stephanie Naidoff said Friday.

Good timing. Sept. 6 is the start of “Philly Loves Rocky Week.”

Civic types, led by lawyer and Stallone pal Jimmy Binns, are organizing events including a boxing exhibition in JFK Plaza (Sept. 6) and a Rocky and Adrian look-alike contest (Sept. 7). Stallone has agreed to come in Sept. 9 to be grand marshal of the Hero Thrill Show.

The idea for the week was hatched after the Fairmount Park Commission approved the site location in May. At the time, Stallone was to attend a statue dedication on Sept. 8.

The ceremony may come off then after all.

For Mike Klein’s full article click HERE – Craig

“The Contender” is a Winner!

Larry Stewart, in his August 11, 2006 column for the LA Times. com says that The Contender has
become a winner! Here are some excerpts:
* “Boxing is in a slump…
* “There is one boxing format, however, that is suddenly showing signs of success — “The Contender.” * The reality series has been revamped from its first season on NBC and is now on ESPN Tuesday nights at 7.”
* “Through four weeks, it is averaging a 1.2 rating and each show is reaching an average of 1.1 million homes. That represents a 33% increase for the same time slot last year.”
* “ESPN is the perfect home for the show,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks and
one of the creators of “The Contender.”
* “The lead producer is Mark Burnett, creator of the “Survivor” series. Last year Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard were co-hosts, but Stallone is now busy filming another “Rocky” movie, leaving
Leonard as the lone host.”
* “The series started four weeks ago with 16 fighters and is now down to 12. Each show provides an
inside look at the fighters and their families and friends and concludes with a five-round fight. The
losers go home until only two are left. The live finale will take place Sept. 26 at the Staples Center, with the winner getting $500,000.”
* “The boxers, culled from a nationwide search, are all professionals with winning records, and all in the 148-pound weight class.”

For Larry Stewart’s full article click HERE – Craig  

“Rocky” Makes Another “All-Time” Best List

Daniel Neman of The Richmond Times Dispatch in his August 4, 2006 column takes a look at his “All-Time Best” sports movies. Neman lists five movies and “Rocky” makes the cut. Here’s what he says:

“Rocky,” 1976. The ultimate underdog story is told with a seemingly limitless reserve of heart. Sylvester Stallone, who also wrote the script, skillfully wrung every dram of emotion out of the story and made a feel-good movie about a guy who actually loses the big fight. It is only when he started winning them, in the sequels, that the character became less interesting.

Thirty years later and “Rocky” is still getting props. And rightly so. For the full report, click HERE. – Craig

Stallone Trifecta

Sylvester Stallone writes, directs and stars in Rocky Balboa…the greatest underdog story of our time is back for one final round.
Opening in thearers everywhere December 22, 2006!
– Craig Zablo

Photo by: John Bramley

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