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Sly in Entertainment Weekly

The current double issue( April 30, 2004 # 762/763 ) Entertainment Weekly ‘ Summer Movie issue contains a couple of Sly items. Jazz sent in two pics and some excerpts…

THE BOYS WHO BURNED A BILLION DOLLARS, How two wild and crazy guys seduced stars for their fledgling studio, spent oodles of cash, and blew up a lot of stuff. Including their own white-hot careers. By DANIEL FIERMAN

“They promised him the film would shoot for three months, and it ended up [ delaying ] Rocky 3. He was really pissed off. One day, right in the middle of this small town in Canada, Sylvester started ranting and raving and swearing a blue streak, ” says Kotcheff.

Vajna was the one who saw something in the First Blood script, and they both agreed Sylvester Stallone, an actor fresh off Nighthawks, should star.
In 1985, the First Blood sequel turned into a money-spouting geyser: Rambo grossed $ 150 million–and yielded Rambo bedsheets, Rambo action figures, even, frighteningly, a Rambo Saturday morning cartoon.

” Sly was at the pool [ of the Hotel du Cap ] wit all these topless sunbathers surrounding him, and I pitch him the story and he says, ‘ I love it! I’m on board.’ And Mario said, ‘ Good ! Because I already ordered fireworks with the name of the movie on it.’ ” Later that evening, the title of de Souza’s film, Isobar, lit up the night sky.


Sly in “Westworld”

This week rumors were flying that Sly might replace Arnold Schwarzenegger in the remake of the classic “Westworld” by Michael Crichton.  AICN says…

“According to a studio insider, the project may now have fallen on fellow action star Sylvester Stallone‘s lap.”

Harry goes on to add…

“Putting Stallone in as anything other than the Gunfighter would be a mistake in my opinion.”

For the full story, please click [HERE].

I loved the original “Westworld” and think that a remake is an excellent idea. I would have loved to have seen Sly as one of the two guys who go there for a vacation and find themselves fighting for their lives [one only briefly] against out of control robots. Now that Arnold is apparently out, Sly could step in an fill the role of the Gunfighter… or he could still play the Josh Brolin part. Either way, if this rumor pans out, Sly will have a good role.

– Craig Zablo

Rocky VI: I Ain’t Heard No Bell

On Thursday, October 16, 2003, MovieHole received a tip from ‘Going Greek’ that “Rocky VI” may not ne as dead as some have reported since “Spy Kids 3” proved Sly’s still got appeal. “The Rocky VI”…screenplay’s done, and it’s quite good – very reminiscent of the first film. In other words, lots of character detail… The opponent of the movie is a guy called Excel, who’s just your typical new-age smart arse athlete. The audience is going to be begging [that] Rocky gives this guy a thumping. Talia Shire is ready to come back too [as Adrian]”.

MovieHole also reports that Sly’s Biggie and Tupac flick is “…shaping up superbly.”

A tip of the hat to Ernie “The Erndog” McHone, Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes and Dark Horizons. – Craig Zablo

Sly is Comin’ At Ya in CineFX!

The current ( # 95, Oct. 2003) issue of CINEFEX has a fantastic in depth piece on the how they did all the special effects in SPY KIDS 3-D! It has 2 cool pictures of Sly. One of them I haven’t seen before.

Also, you get even more detailed analysis on the movie magic behind, MATRIX RELOADEDTERMINATOR 3 and SEABISCUIT. Very cool issue !!


Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes

Thanks, Jazz! – Craig Zablo

Wepner vs Stallone

Chuck Wepner, the fighter who helped inspired Sylvester Stallone‘s “Rocky” movies, plans to sue Sylvester Stallone because Sly has used his name over the years to promote the Rocky series. Sly has said that the Wepner – Ali title fight provided a spark of inspiration for the creation of Rocky.

Wepner is quoted as saying, “I have never gotten one penny from these movies which have made over $1 billion”… “The last straw was when he [Sly] was in Weehawken filming ‘Copland’ a few years ago and told me that he might have a part for me. I went up there, but nothing ever came of it.”

So 27 years after the release of “Rocky,” Chuck has decided to sue. And the last straw happened 7 years ago when Sly said he MIGHT have a part for Chuck.

I wonder, over the years, how many times Chuck has told people he was the inspiration for Rocky. I wonder how many autographs and speaking engagements were prompted because people knew of Chuck‘s connection to Rocky.

This is a pretty sad story.

– Craig Zablo