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The current double issue( April 30, 2004 # 762/763 ) Entertainment Weekly ‘ Summer Movie issue contains a couple of Sly items. Jazz sent in two pics and some excerpts…

THE BOYS WHO BURNED A BILLION DOLLARS, How two wild and crazy guys seduced stars for their fledgling studio, spent oodles of cash, and blew up a lot of stuff. Including their own white-hot careers. By DANIEL FIERMAN

“They promised him the film would shoot for three months, and it ended up [ delaying ] Rocky 3. He was really pissed off. One day, right in the middle of this small town in Canada, Sylvester started ranting and raving and swearing a blue streak, ” says Kotcheff.

Vajna was the one who saw something in the First Blood script, and they both agreed Sylvester Stallone, an actor fresh off Nighthawks, should star.
In 1985, the First Blood sequel turned into a money-spouting geyser: Rambo grossed $ 150 million–and yielded Rambo bedsheets, Rambo action figures, even, frighteningly, a Rambo Saturday morning cartoon.

” Sly was at the pool [ of the Hotel du Cap ] wit all these topless sunbathers surrounding him, and I pitch him the story and he says, ‘ I love it! I’m on board.’ And Mario said, ‘ Good ! Because I already ordered fireworks with the name of the movie on it.’ ” Later that evening, the title of de Souza’s film, Isobar, lit up the night sky.


Stallone at the Linc Was a Surprise

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Stallone at the Linc was an Eagles surprise

The Eagles‘ most effective stealth play Monday was the one that brought actor Sylvester Stallone to pump up the crowd for the Eagles‘ first regular-season game at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles learned last month that ABC, which televises the Monday night games, was planning to air a video promo featuring Stallone. Team officials, sensing a Rocky moment, went through ABC to ask Stallone to also come to the city he immortalized on-screen.

“He was about to go to Europe, but he was gung-ho about [doing] it,” team president Joe Banner said yesterday.

For years, the team has been showing a Rocky video to end pregame festivities. As the presentation concluded Monday, the Linc‘s cameras turned to the north end zone, where Stallone, wearing a No. 22 Duce Staley jersey, jumped and waved.

With wife Jennifer Flavin and brother Frank, Stallone stayed in owner Jeff Lurie‘s box until the game was nearly over.

The Birds put up the Stallones, traveling in a party of seven, at the Four Seasons Hotel. “We hid him away. We didn’t want to ruin the surprise,” Banner said.

The Stallone brothers, however, were seen on 18th Street near Rittenhouse Square Monday afternoon with a small entourage. They stopped at Maron Chocolates/Scoop de Ville. While picking up ice cream (and tipping $8 on a $12 order), Sly spotted T-shirts reading, “Life is short… Eat dessert first,” and bought four.

The Stallones also visited artist Perry Milou‘s studio/gallery, where they talked about art and palette knives for 15 minutes. Stallone signed one of Milou’s pieces and gave him his home address. Milou plans to send him a painting.

Thanks to Bill Eaton for the tip!- Craig Zablo

Sly and Frank Stallone on Monday Night Football

Sylvester Stallone will be the Guest of Honor on the season premiere of ABC’s Monday Night Football on September 8, 2003. Sly is one of the celebrities asked to tape “openings” for the games this season. Sly has the honor of the first game of the season.

If you’d like to see a preview of Sly’s footage, the SZ has it! Access Hollywood ran the piece on Friday and thanks to our own Wizardfenix, we had it posted the same evening! [You may need to go to and get the download.] After viewing it, there can be no doubt that Sly could easily come back for Rocky VI!

Frank Stallone will also be at the game with Sly. During the game, odds are good that the new commercial for ABC’s NYPD Blue fall season will air. When it does you’ll hear Frank singing the song ‘It Had to Be You’.

A tip of the hat to Wizardfenix and Simon! – Craig Zablo

Stallone and Diesel

In the September 1, 2003 issue of US Weekly there is an article entitled “Hollywood Take Two” by Elisa Lipsky-Karasz.

“It’s not just Freddy vs JasonAmerican Wedding and Terminator 3. Now even stars are getting their own sequels.”

Sly is paired with Vin Diesel… also included are Sandra Bullockand Katie Holmes,Dustin Hoffman and Adrien BrodyDemi Moore and Jennifer Garner and others.

 Craig Zablo

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