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Sly in Total Film

Ernest “Jazzman” Resendes sent in the pic and quotes from:

TOTAL FILM [August 2001/issue 55]

— “Ask him which movies he rates from the past, and he’ll list First Blood, Nighthawks, F.I.S.T.and Cop Land. Ask about the choices he’s likely to make in the future, and he’ll stress that he’s looking for more ensemble pieces, more character work. ”

— “There’s a kind of thrill at seeing something that came off the page being enacted before your very eyes as opposed to just being an actor for hire.”

— “Next up he’s acting opposite MADELINE STOWE as a mafia bodyguard wanting payback for his boss’ murder in Avenging Angelo, before carrying on down the revenge trail as a widower out for justice in Dolan’s Cadillac. “

— “In fact neither the remake of Get Carter nor cop thriller Eye See You (aka Detox) look likely to get theatrical release over here (UK ).”

— “His career did perk up momentarily , however, when racing movie Driven thrust him onto the winners podium as it took the number one spot at the US box office in April.”

Thanks to Jazz for sharing!

– Craig Zablo

Sly to Direct “Driven 2”

In the Reel World column of Entertainment Weekly, the following item appears:

SLY NEWS: SYLVESTER STALLONE is pining to direct “Driven 2” [we must have missed the avalanche of “popular demand” for that particular follow-up] but he says first he’d like to tackle “an ambitious project that deals with a historical event.” Maybe he’s up for a Rambo sequel after all… [Additional reporting by William Keck]

Sly Set to Star with Brad Renfro in…

Dark Horizons reported that SYLVESTER STALLONE is set to play an “alcoholic and violently abusive” father in the film “Iron Man” to be directed by ALAN RUDOLPH. “Iron Man” is described as a coming of age drama about JT Steele [BRAD RENFRO].
JT is a gifted high school wrestler who travels cross country to compete and never loses a match [“a skill honed by his alcoholic and violently abusive father SYLVESTER STALLONE“]. NATHAN ADAMS is the screenwriter with production likely to begin later this year.


Stallone’s Next Films

Variety announced that SYLVESTER STALLONE, making a tentative comeback with current box office champ “Driven,” discharged the William Morris Agency early Monday morning to return to International Creative Management. STALLONE had been represented by Jim Wiatt at William Morris for the last year and a half, having followed him when Wiatt quit ICM.

STALLONE is currently shooting ``Avenging Angelo,” playing a mob bodyguard, and will star in “Dolan’s Cadillac,” which is scheduled to begin production after any industry strikes this summer.

“Smilin’ Jack Ruby” Looks at “Dolan’s Cadillac”

Smilin’ Jack Ruby [gotta love that name!] posted a very positive review of the script for “Dolan’s Cadillac” over at Jack had some very interesting things to say…

“I had the opportunity to read the script and not being ABKing [SZ regular Andrew! – Craig Zablo], I am skeptical of all things SLY STALLONE. Well, this role is tailor-made for him.”
“He’s the ultimate heavy, the kingpin of Las Vegas organized crime and the guy who runs the Mandarin Casino, which rises high over the strip.”

“I have read the script and it’s pretty interesting. You wouldn’t think it, but it actually combines some elements of “The Shawshank Redemption” into a revenge thriller, though this story never tries to get to that level. It’s a revenge pic, pure and simple.”

“If you read the short story, you’ll find out what this big revenge thing is. Needless to say, it is something incredibly cinematic that makes me really, REALLY want to see this movie.”

“KEVIN BACON as Tom is perfect casting…”

“I’m sure this will turn into a project with a lot of good actors as the parts are well written.”

“I have to hand it to SANDY TITLE and JONATHON PENNER, this is an adaptation I want to see…”

“It is well-cast, well-written… really keeps the tone of STEPHEN KING intact in the script.”
The underlined sections are parts that I highlighted for emphasis.


To read the complete review, click |HERE|. – Craig Zablo [February 18, 2001]

“Dolan’s Cadillac” Confirmed

On January 30th, the SZ announced that SLY was planning to star in an adaptation of STEPHEN KING’s “Dolan’s Cadillac.” Fans became excited by the prospect of SLY in the role of a Las Vegas kingpin who thinks he’s gotten away with murder.

Well, it wasn’t just STALLONE fans who thought that this was newsworthy! The same day that our story ran, Dark Horizons and Chud posted the news as well! [Chud got their info from DH… and DH was sent the tip by Lilja of The World of Stephen King who had also e-mailed the SZ.]

Yesterday Zorianna Kit of The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that SLY is set to star [and KEVIN BACON is in negotiations to join him] in “Dolan’s Cadillac,” based on a STEPHEN KING novelette. The movie is scheduled to start production in May with writer-director STACY TITLE [“The Last Supper”] directing from her own adaptation.

In “Cadillac,” STALLONE will play a Las Vegas kingpin who thinks he’s gotten away with the murder of an innocent woman, though the spouse of the victim has big revenge plans.
This will be SLY’S fourth film for Franchise. He starred in “Get Carter” as well as the upcoming “Driven” and SLY will start filming “Avenging Angelo” with MADELINE STOWE in mid-April and then begin work on “Dolan’s Cadillac” in May.

– Craig Zablo [February 7, 2001]

Frank Stallone Checks In

FRANK STALLONE e-mailed the SZ to thank us for the kind words that he’s been receiving from SZ fans about his newly designed site. He also wanted us to know that he’s updated it again with a ton of never before seen photos! Included are some really cool family pics, as well as photos of FRANK and some of the many celebrities that he’s worked with over the years. Click |HERE| to check it out.

FRANK also wanted us to know that he will be starring in Walker, Texas Ranger on February 10th at 9 pm PST on CBS. Appearing with FRANK will be his “big band.” In addition to his dramatic role, FRANK will also sing three songs!

FRANK also answered a question that many STALLONE fans have been wondering about for some time… Will the film “The Good Life” [FRANK starred in the movie and SLY appeared in a cameo] be released now that the lawsuits have been settled? FRANK‘s response, “I would honestly say no. We have distanced ourselves from it. for it was bad scene. Now my brother and I are closer than we ever were, so after it all that was only positive thing that came of it.”

We really appreciate FRANK taking the time from his busy schedule to send us an update. Be sure to check out his site at as well as his appearance on “Walker, Texas Ranger.” The SZ will continue to provide updates from FRANK as we get them!

Craig Zablo [February 4, 2001]

Sly News at Dark Horizons

Garth over at Dark Horizons has posted several STALLONE items this past week.

On Wednesday, he scored some cool photos from the set of “Champs.” “Mr. Fast Cars & Fast Women” sent in three shots (one of which is reprinted above). Garth also printed the news from that SLY may team with VIN DIESEL for “X vs Sever.”

On Thursday “LordBeer” submitted his report of “Champs” filming at the Target Grand Prix.

Friday saw one of the strangest items in a while… apparently JACKIE CHAN mentioned in an interview in the UK that he and SLY had been talking about teaming for “Rambo IV.”

For full details on these items check out Dark Horizons.

I certainly hope that the SLY /JACKIE CHAN / “Rambo IV” item never comes to reality!

– Craig Zablo (August 19, 2000)

Stallone Courts Controversy in Comeback Attempt

Posted on Fri, Aug. 01, 2003
Stallone Courts Controversy in Comeback Attempt
By Eric Harrison
Houston Chronicle

Settling in for an interview in an Austin hotel suite recently, Sylvester Stallone bypasses a nearby couch and instead chooses a straight-backed desk chair across the room.

“I’ll get too comfortable if I sit in one of those,” he says.

It seems too easy, this ready-made metaphor, but comfort is a commodity Stallone no longer can afford. A box-office heavyweight in the 1970s and ’80s thanks to his Rocky and Rambo movies, the 57-year-old actor-writer-director has spent the past decade on the ropes. Studios balk at hiring him. Distributors won’t touch his movies.

In this summer of comebacks, Stallone joins Demi Moore and fellow strongman Arnold Schwarzenegger in making bids for continued viability. His is modest: He plays the villain in Spy Kids 3D: Game Over. His real hopes reside in his next project, an ambitious film he calls Thugz Lives, about the murders of rappers Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G. that Stallone wrote and hopes to direct and star in. It’s a risky proposition, unlike anything he’s ever done, with the potential to resuscitate his career or blow up in his face.

It isn’t his first comeback attempt. He tried in 1997, in Cop Land, an intelligent drama about police corruption that co-starred Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and Ray Liotta. Stallone spent six weeks gorging on pancakes to gain 40 pounds. His character found a core of courage and became heroic at the end, but for most of the movie he played a mope, looked down on by nearly everyone.

Stallone hoped the role would show that the early promise he displayed as an actor was real, that he could do more than cartoon action heroes. But despite the stellar cast and good reviews, the movie did middling business. Stallone took that as evidence his audience didn’t want to see him flex his acting muscles; they wanted the old familiar Sly, talking tough and cracking heads.

“Nobody wants to see John Wayne perform The Nutcracker, you know,” Stallone says. “He may be the best ballet dancer in the world, but nobody wants to see him like that.”

After Cop Land, things went from bad to worse with a string of flops.

“It can eat you up,” he says of failure. “It just does a number on your self-esteem. The acting part is easy. The hard part of this business is maintaining your equilibrium and confidence. That’s why so many actors get hooked on alcohol and drugs.”

And maintaining that confidence has indeed been hard lately. Shade, the last movie in which he starred, languishes without a distributor. D-Tox (also known as Eye See You) opened on a handful of screens last year, earning $79,000, before going to video. Avenging Angelo, the film before that, never got an American theatrical release.

Driven, Stallone‘s last film to open wide, earned back less than half of its production costs before it vanished from domestic screens in 2001. And the total U.S. gross of Get Carter ($15 million) was less than some major movies make on opening night.

Stallone isn’t the only one who wants to change that run of failure. Robert Rodriguez, the Austin filmmaker who created the Spy Kids franchise, met Stallone in 1997 at the Venice Film Festival. Following the premiere party for Cop Land, they hung out together, and Rodriguez was surprised to see a side of Stallone that rarely came through on film.

“I’d always been a fan of his, but I’d never known how funny he really is,” says Rodriguez, adding sheepishly, “I wondered why his comedies weren’t any good.” Then he realized Stallone was always a hired hand in the comedies, working for other directors from scripts he didn’t write.

“He was always funny in the Rocky movies,” Rodriguez says.

So when it came time to cast the role of the Toymaker, the villain in Spy Kids 3D, he thought of Stallone. For his part, Stallone says he had no choice but to accept. His kids (he has three with his third wife, former model Jennifer Flavin) are big Spy Kids fans.

“I had to do it,” he says. “Otherwise, I’d be disowned by a 6-year-old.

“He had a ball, he says. He loved not being the center of attention, not being the star who has to carry the picture.

Now, as he begins to plan a sixth Rocky film, Stallone is pushing ahead with Thugz Lives. The movie, like a previous documentary and book on the cases, will link the murders of Shakur and Biggie to corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department and to geographical rivalries within the hip-hop record business. Stallone, who hopes to start filming in September, hints there also will be a suggestion of FBI involvement.

“This is like the JFK assassination to the black community,” Stallone says. “And like the JFK assassination, they’ll be battling this out for the next 100 years, trying to figure out what happened.”Which is exactly what Stallone wants: to be back in the middle of a big fight.

Craig Zablo