STALLONE to Ressurect “Rambo IV?”

From Total Film: Guns and Ammo: STALLONE to Ressurect Rambo IV?
With mad George Dubble-Yer squatting in the White House. what better time for Hollywood to ressurect the grand-daddy of Republican chest-beating ’80’s throwbacks? Be afraid: Miramax big-wig Bob Weinstein wants to get “Rambo IV” into American cinemas for 2003. So far, RICHARD CRENNA [grumpy army fella] and BRIAN DENNEHY [grumpy smalltown sherif] have both apparently agreed to reprise their roles. with Mr. SLY uhmming and duuhing until he sees the final script, which writers’ strike permitting should be completed in late summer. “We’d love nothing more than for STALLONE to be involved. We think it’s a billion dollar franchise,” Weinstein babbled. And the plot? Depressingly Die Hardesque with Mr. Rambo taking on drug dealers hidingin a government building. And despite previous rumours pitching JACKIE CHAN as an evil drug lord, it now seems more likely he would pop up as [oh, the horror] a chopsocky Rambo buddy.